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Architect ( a real one, not just the armchair type), author of "Buffalo, Architecture in the American Forgotten Land" ( www.blurb.com ), lover of great spaces, hater of sprawl and waste, advocate for a better way of doing things.

Water Buffalo

I recently came across some intriguing watery photos taken by Buffalo resident Laird Robertson.  The pictures show Buffalo’s amazing watery offshore world with an exotic flare.... ...

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Wrecking Grant Street

This valuable historic building at 65 Grant Street has been rotting away for several years now and the City has done basically nothing about it.... ...

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Columbus Park Unveiling

One of Buffalo’s most graceful beauties is having its decades long veil of asphalt removed. Owners Peterjoe Certo, his wife Joanne, and their son Jeremy have been... ...

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The East Side Is Not a Monolith

Facebook friend Sean Brodfuehrer alerted me to his recent bike ride through a very pretty East Side neighborhood, when he posted a pair of pictures from the Grider neighborhood near... ...

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Bring Our Cornices Back!

Preservationists and the media focus pretty much all of their attention on the historic buildings in danger of being lost. Monumental fights have been played... ...

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