Here’s Your Chance to Play “Place That Stadium!”

Where would you put a new Bills stadium? Inquiring minds want to know. Developers at would also like to know. The website is currently looking for feedback from the community as to where people would like to see the new stadium in the future. Call it a grassroots, open-minded, freeform workshop that will lead to some interesting data generated by the fans. The exercise is simple. The interactive website gives people the ability to pick up the current stadium, parking lot and field house, and maneuver them freely on the map (try it out).

“As a Bills fan myself, the idea for this online tool started with my own curiosity and opinions of where a new stadium could potentially go,” said Dan Gigante, partner and digital director at 19 IDEAS. “I kept thinking about where I thought it would fit around Western New York, but I’m a visual person who needed to see these possibilities for myself. Once I had a working prototype, I quickly realized this is a tool many across the region could play around and have fun with.”

The online tool also allows users to pick up and move a number of other stadiums, including Heinz Field (for a modern downtown stadium reference) and Lucas Oil Field (for a dome stadium reference). Visitors to the website have the ability to Tweet their favorites and share with their friends. Or post to their Facebook page in order to promote their favorite ideas. 

“As our name suggests, we’re forward thinking people. But we’re also impassioned Buffalonians. We hope this tool will provide some amusement for locals, expats, and Bills fans around the world who can now have a clear vision for their ideas on a new stadium,” said Gigante. 

The application is powered by Google Maps API, and driven by determined Buffalo programmers who have decided that it’s time to allow everyone to play the game that was originally designed for the elite few. 


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Funny how people have no issue plopping a massive stadium over existing residential neighborhoods on the East side but it's not OK to redistribute the McCarley gardens residents to expand the medical campus.  #anythingfordabills

Will Mansfield

Elmwood Village, right next to the proposed 5 story hotel at Elmwood & Forest. Would fit right in.


I still hope a Golisano type of owner, intent on keeping the team here, will take a look at the Ralph and the numbers and say: it'll do.

The big impetus to build a new stadium is revenue. Without the corporate base, the licensing fees, box fees and higher ticket prices can't be supported.

If you listen to Russ Brandon and even Cuomo, there seems to be a lot of caution about the cost and revenue from a new stadium. Yes, there's lots of political support for the Bills. But not necessarily for a new stadium.


Downtown Amherst, right off the 990


As I've said all along:

1. Outer Harbor on the Freezer Queen and Port Authority site with Tully's amphitheater at the other end by the Pier.

2. Shoreline Apartment site.

3. Perry Corridor

4. Exchange St. east of Coca Cola Field between Hamburg St. and Ellicott St. 

It has to be within a radius of the downtown core, period.  Forget all those silly outlier ideas.  


My vote is the East Side since you could address two issues. The new stadium and the removal of dilapidated housing. However, I think the biggest issue is the need for the community to get behind the new stadium and not have the issue tied up in the courts by individuals who are against building a new stadium. I also think the UB Bulls should play in the new stadium.


Is it's really so impossible to design an urban NFL stadium that isn't surrounded by a "sea of parking"?


most reasonable locations in no particular order:

1) black rock; between 198, amherst & tonawanda streets - theres nothing there, tear down or redevelop the 'river lofts' building as a parking garage, can fit a stadium & field house. + add rail line/events station along side existing rail line that leads to downtown FNarena events station.

2) cargals concrete central-rightside of image; nothing here, an existing rail line not certain if still operational, can install events rail-line, some work would be required to reroute road access.

3) cobblestone tar desert (parking lots next to FNarena), plenty of parking available downtown already.

4) perry projects; eyesore, pretty simple explanation.

5) sycamore/broadway & between spring/jefferson; at least two city blocks of empty space + chances are most homes around here are dilapidated.

6) waterfront next to small boat harbor; loads of road rerouting would be needed.

7) fruitbelt; loads of dilapidated housing could be bought out and razed. field house could be incorporated into masten park.

8) behind/incorporated with central terminal; existing rail can be replaced with new rail, would be cool to get off in central terminal where there could be bills store, maybe a pregame broadcast show, other attractions, would allow for rail in use to continue operation.

9) ship canal area; along tiff street, theres not much of anything here but a nice park.

10) closed waterfront elementary;

11) even the recently razed location of bethlehem admin building


My name is Mina Neidrauer-I was born in Buffalo and lived there from 1921 when I was born until I moved west in 1985.I am still a rabid Bills fan and started watching them at the War Memorial Stadium and had season tickets until we moved away.

I think the biggest mistake was not putting Rich Stadium in downtown Buffalo!

What a boost that gives a city when all those fans come downtown to see a game,have dinner after and /or breakfast or lunch before the game and many stay over at a hotel before or after the game.Just look how the economy was helped at the cities that put their stadium downtown.

PLEASE do not make the same mistake again and put the stadium outside of 


PS. I live in Portland Or. and there is a bar here that shows all the Bills game and is attended by many,many ex Buffalonians and we all have a great time cheering for them.

I thoroughly enjoy Buffalo Rising as It keeps me up to date on the city that I love.


Concrete Central Stadium!


I placed Lucas Oil Stadium just beyond Coca-Cola's left field. Eliminate the Seneca street exit off the 190.


I actually put mine north of the 190/198 junction


Here’s Your Chance to Play “Matt Richiazzi!”


Let's get real -- there are only two places acceptable for a new Bills stadiumthe Outer Harbor, and the NIagara Falls vicinity.

But there's a purty new fake Olmsted Park going on the OH -- so, the only location that makes any sense is near NF (Note:  inland, NOT on Goat Island.)

Placing a new stadium in Batavia is simply idiotic -- Buffalo can not successfully leverage the region's largest multimillion dollar entertainment asset by moving from one small 'burb far away from downtown (OP) to an even smaller 'burb even further away (Batavia.)

Besides, if the Bills have to remain in a suburb, it's better that they be based in a 'burb that has millions of visitors each year and whose name is recognized internationally (Niagara Falls) -- as opposed to one whose name is barely recognized outside Genesee County (Batavia)

As for the people who continually suggest the Perry Projects should be removed (either for a new stadium or something else -- or for nothing at all) . . . smdh . . . I wonder how come nobody ever suggests tearing down housing on the West Side for the same purpose . . . maybe if people there got a taste of having to live out on the street, they wouldn't be so quick to make that suggestion . . .



Get rid of the perry projects. More than enough space. Already a ton of parking with first niagar center, cobblestone, and now harbor center. Would now make canalside even better, with all types of events people can attend instead of just tailgating every time. Theres a casino for people who like that stuff (not me) a new harborcenter for people to skate. would really develop cobblestone into something great, and improve the old first ward, and this new ohio street project. Then we can fix up some of those old buildings on Chicago steet. I think its an absolute no brainer. route 5 and the 190, 400, 219, 90, metro rail, the 33 and piece bridge are all very close by. best access in the region and most importantly Buffalo. They are the BUFFALO Bills aren't they?


laughing at whomever suggested Navy Island, fort erie, or times beach preserve.


Father Conway Park., up to Exchange St., The Cooperage and a couple of old commercial buildings would have to come down but would be reconstructed along Exchange as part of the entrance to the Stadium. This is an interesting location as far as the industrial fabric all around it and being close to the Sabres and CS. I still believe behind the Shoreline Apts. is the best location and the best for DT and the best fit for a new CC!


Marine drive apartments


I don't think it needs to be right downtown. I'd rather see it slightly further east  between Broadway and William where it could become part of strategy to revitalize the East Side. 


Railyard at the corner of William and Bailey. Right of the 190 and just a short drive down William to the 90. Close enough to downtown and larkinville and canalside to bring people there but far enough away to not have huge traffic backups downtown or huge seas of parking where there should be development. 


Downtown on niagara street between thruway on/off and south elmwood.  In other words, where the shoreline apartments are and the land behind them.  For those who want to save all or some of the shoreline apts. - that could be worked into the "big picture" design [or whatever].


@brownteeth There are areas on the east side with blocks of open space. Also, I see a big difference between buying  10-20 houses from homeowners across a few sparsely populated blocks versus forcing out an entire community of tenants.



"Yes, there's lots of political support for the Bills. But not necessarily for a new stadium."

One goes with the other.  

Which politicians have publicly come out against a new stadium?  


@biniszkiewicz What is it exactly that Rich stadium doesn't have that a new stadium will have? I don't think adding more boxes will help since WNY doesn't have the corporate headquarters to buy the additional boxes. Personally,, what keeps me away from the stadium is the behavior of many of the fans. I believe parking opens at 10:30 a.m. That means certain fans have been drinking for two and half hours before they enter the stadium.


One of the reasons this is such  a problem is that public transportation is not promoted in WNY. 



re: "What a boost that gives a city when all those fans come downtown to see a game,have dinner after and /or breakfast or lunch before the game and many stay over at a hotel before or after the game"

Yes, those fans would be a boost after and before a game. All ten days of the year.

The problem is that the stadium sits empty for 355 days a year. It's just a big hole in the fabric of downtown amidst a sea of parking.


@sbrof Definitely.  There was a post on here maybe a couple years ago pitching this idea.  It would definitely stimulate redevelopment of unused silos and other industrial site in the area.  And it could bring positive attention to the Buffalo River.



re: 190/198: access and size: 

too small to fit it and traffic nightmare. I could walk, though.


@micahh64 Batavia nor Niagara Falls would ever be the site for a stadium. Erie County isn't going to contribute $$$ for stadium that isn't even located in their county. If a stadium is built either one of those locations I would assume Uncle Andrew would be picking up 100% of the bill.



re: Niagara Falls best location: agreed. 

The worst thing about putting it right downtown as many advocate is that the stadium gets used 10 days a year and sits empty 355 days a year. Oh, people say: "We'll make it mixed use! We'll have concerts!" No, we won't. The Ralph can do concerts now. I've seen some there. But we're not a big enough market to draw the top names anymore, those that are still doing stadium tours. And what other things would we use it for that Bison Field can't handle?


@micahh64  Cut it out, the 2 story complex is 75% empty, boarded up, and poorly designed as is the unused green space fronting Exchange St.. Though a new stadium wouldn't fit on this land we need some new middle class housing in the OFW.


The original SL Apts. would be rebuilt as hotel, retail, and condo's, while the replicated ones behind them would be torn down for the stadium complex. Parking right around the stadium would be limited but DT parking and hotels would do well. Niagara St. and the West Side would get a huge boost and you could have big events like concerts with food trucks [not tailgating] at a resurrected LaSalle Park!


@Davvid there's a huge vacant area, like eight blocks between sycamore and broadway



Aren't the rail lines still active?


Great idea



Cuomo, for one. He's said any new stadium would have to be primarily privately financed and the feasibility of a new stadium has still to be ascertained.

And the voice that stood out to me mostly wasn't a politician, it was Russ Brandon. In an extensive interview on GR550, he was very focused on and supportive of all the improvements being made to the Ralph. He made a number of statements during the interview suggesting that the need for a replacement stadium has not yet been determined and the financial wherewithal of the metro area was somewhat constricted, perhaps making a new stadium not feasible. He suggested that perhaps the Ralph might suffice down the road, too.

As for 'one going with the other (retaining team and new stadium)': Maybe, maybe not. Depends primarily upon the ownership and what they're willing to use for a stadium. In the case of someone whose purchase is primarily aimed at the civic benefit of retaining the amenity in Buffalo, the new stadium might not be worth the investment.

As for the sale of the team, that is completely separate from any negotiations for a new stadium. The presumption is that the new ownership group will insist on a new stadium. And maybe they will. But the vote by the NFL to accept a new owner won't have any contingencies for a new stadium attached to it. And if that owner doesn't require a new stadium, the NFL won't be able to force it.


@biniszkiewicz @Billfan  I agree, although I would argue that lots of businesses depend on those few capacity nights a year when events are going on and there is a surge of activity downtown. Those extra ten days of excitement also happen to fall in the slow season I'd imagine, so it's nothing to scoff at either.


@biniszkiewicz @Billfan

1000% behind bini on this one.  downtown needs people and businesses and uses 24/7, not acres and acres locked up and idle.


@biniszkiewicz  Thanks buzzkill bill, such the creative city developer as always. Doesn't any of your real estate buddies want build condo's or a Wal-Mart near the new stadium?


Niagara Falls isn't being considered. At all.


@hockeyhips83 - yes, that also could work. Generally, that area is where I would like to see one if I had to choose. 


@rockpile38  @grad94 @biniszkiewicz @Billfan Every other city? is that why both NYC teams play in Jersey? or Miami way outside their downtown?  I'm sure the majority are not in their downtown proper either. 


@grad94 @biniszkiewicz @Billfan  Why does every other city do it then?


@biniszkiewicz @BuildBuffalo  "A convention center is not an NFL stadium and vice versa ". Not entirely true. Lucas  Oil stadium is across the street from the Indianapolis convention center and provides for an additional 180,000 sq feet of exhibition space. Brings the total exhibition space to approx 750,000.


@biniszkiewicz  I understand your points and point of view. Another con would be, what would be done with a huge empty stadium and all that surface parking lots in OP. But on the other hand get creative and make the stadium complex an urban experience with NFL themes, a museum, and retail as the train takes you there and the other adjacent attractions as you park n ride . And a massive stadium isn't a big enough hall for displaying automobile's? I've said time & time again, retro fit the stadium for Bison Baseball, even if you tarp the upper deck, people would pay $10/15 extra bucks to go. Ink one major Bowl game a year, and a MLS team would be pretty radical, again you would have to tarp the upper bowl with advertisement signage, but it still gets butts in the stands. And the Minn. Vikings are still building theirs and they got awarded the 2018 Super Bowl, so that means Buffalo would get a Super Bowl soon after it gets built. 


@biniszkiewicz @BuildBuffalo Does anyone even do stadium tours anymore?  I thought those stopped with Dave Matthews and the last time the Stones went around.


@rockpile38  @biniszkiewicz

re: "Doesn't any of your real estate buddies want build condo's or a Wal-Mart near the new stadium":

Why would they? who wants to live next to an NFL stadium or its parking lot? Why would Walmart want to be there? To capture fans 10 days a year?



re: "it would most likely be used for concerts and as a new convention center."

No it wouldn't. A convention center is not an NFL stadium and vice versa. A convention center needs a hall, for displaying automobile shows and hosting banquets. A stadium doesn't suit this.

As for concerts: we're not the market for stadium tours anymore. Toronto is. Demographics.


If downtown, it would be more than ten days a year since it would most likely be used for concerts and as a new convention center. Needs to be downtown


That knowledge is direct from individuals involved. You're welcome.



are you part of the stadium siting group?