Phillips Lytle to Host Start-UP NY Seminar Video Conference

Phillips Lytle LLP is hosting a “How To Put  Start-Up NY To Work For You” seminar tomorrow morning.  The informational program will focus on New York’s new program offering major tax incentives for start-up, expanding and relocating businesses via affiliations with public and private universities, colleges and community colleges.  Attendees will include: entrepreneurs, businesses looking to expand to New York State, higher education institutions and real estate developers.

Presenters – Leslie Watley, Executive Vice President, Start-Up New York; Marnie Lavigne, Associate Vice President for Economic Development, University at Buffalo; Donald T. Ross, Special Counsel, Phillips Lytle LLP and Thomas Moebus, Director, Investor Development Research Foundation for SUNY. Moderator – David P. Flynn, Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP. 

The live event will take place at Phillips Lytle’s new office at One Canalside on Wednesday, January 15, from 8 am to 10 am.  Video conferencing will provide participation at Phillips Lytle offices in Rochester, Albany and New York City.


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Great PR for Phillips Lytle to show off their new headquarters :-)

The building looks great no matter what the armchair architects say.

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