New HARBORCENTER Restaurant: (716) Food and Sport

HARBORCENTER President John R. Koelmel today unveiled plans for (716) Food and Sport, HARBORCENTER’s 13,000 square foot dining establishment. 

“(716) will be dedicated to providing the best-in-class fan, food and sports experience,” Koelmel said. “Our commitment to hospitality, quality and community will make HARBORCENTER a dining destination for residents of Western New York and Southern Ontario, as well as numerous visitors to the area.”

Located on the corner of Scott Street and Washington Street, (716) will feature fare that is highlighted by Western New York culinary favorites, with an emphasis on locally produced ingredients. The menu will be complimented by an extensive collection of craft beers and signature cocktails. More than 40 beer selections will be available, with 20 varieties on tap.

The restaurant will include a 40-foot long feature bar, along with complimentary island bars on both the first and second floors. The bar tops will be made to replicate the ice of a hockey rink, illuminated to create a unique and specialty bar experience.

“(716) is our code, and we’re creating an experience to epitomize it,” said restaurant general manager Dominic Verni.  “These are three digits that identify our area and represent the pride and passion that Western New Yorkers have for our area, as well as the deep love we have for both food and sport. Combining both food and sport at our state of the art destination will create the premier fan experience.”

(716) will provide patrons with a unique and exciting viewing experience for all sporting events, featuring a 38 foot video screen, the largest restaurant screen in the continental United States.  An additional 55 big screen televisions will be on display throughout the two-floor establishment, including individual in-booth televisions with dedicated sound. Bathrooms will have television screens embedded in the mirrors. (716) will have seating for 360 guests, including 135 bar stools.

Additionally, there will be a private VIP area on the upper level. Guests will be able to enter the restaurant from both the street level and the parking garage.

The new restaurant is expected to employ 150 when it opens this fall.

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We went down to check out harbor fest. great day had lots of fun. its making buffalo look good . We stop in at the 716 for a drink and a bite to eat. first off the  employees were outstanding! The food was very good ! Also being a vet the took very good care of us thank you !  Keep up the good work!!

william degain

INCREDIBLE! Met Kim Pegula and the Harbor Center Manager, at the front door!. We never have felt so welcomed in any establishment before. Your employees were as excited as the customers. 

After surveying the whole place, my wife and I decided we wanted to get on the list for the "400" tables on upper level. I asked a young woman working there, Samantha, how we should go about it, and she actually took my arm and said come with me. Walked me downstairs to the front door desk and had my name put on the list and got a pager for me! She talked to me going both up and down from the front desk, telling me how excited she was to be there. This girl had unlimited energy, a good fit for her job. In a very short time we got paged and got a fantastic table on the balcony overlooking the main bar.

Nikki, our waitress, was there very quickly, and took our orders and told us all the raves she was getting about the place and the food and the atmosphere. Shortly after a guy named Kyle came up behind us and asked if we had any preferences for the big screen or any other TV in the place. I thought he was kidding but he had a small computer with him and demonstrated it for us. Told us to enjoy our dinner and walked on to others that were sitting nearby. After we got our food,  Nikki came by and checked on us. Also a manager type guy stopped at our table to check on us.

Great food! Great employees. Good pricing. Wow. WE will be back many times and have let everyone we know, in on what a unique experience it was. Thank You Samantha, Nikki, and Kyle, see you soon. 

I realize this is too long to post, but I had to let 716 know about the great people they have working there!


is there going to be live music ?


who cares. let's see those rinks get built and USED!


Would seem hard to believe he'd invest close to half a billion dollars between the team, and this building, and then offer sub-par food.  (Before you chime in with...' he has no problem serving a sub-par hockey team'... they're working on that.)

If we give the guy some time, I think he'll over deliver. 


Now we need the skyway removed so the view from the hotel isn't a concrete bridge. It will also help with more development.


Sure, if Terry wants to pay for that too. That tunnel to replace it won't cost chump change so.........


This place will be a goldmine for Terry Pegula and Buffalo. I read somewhere he and Kim never envisioned the hotel or sports bar. Fortunately they did not go with that plan. HarborCenter, if marketed correctly will put Buffalo on the map. This place will be one stop shopping for all, parking, practice/training for kids, food and drink for parents and a place to spend the night. I hope they include several small retail shops that will cater to the expected crowds and attendees (maybe a duty free shop for Canadians). 


@Northbuff a duty free shop is a great idea!


@Northbuff Yeah this will be awesome.  People will be able to drive in from all over and never leave the building and explore anything else or support any small businesses in the city!


@eSlu@NorthbuffThat's certainly a possibility, particularly given a winter like the one we've had.  But I'd bet that projection is nothing more than an extreme, unlikely scenario.


@eSlu @Northbuff typical buffalo... always have to complain about something...


@ApatheticDev at least I care :)


@eSlu @ApatheticDev It's a good thing that there is going to be some reason for people to go downtown. i don't understand this negativity. it seems like any time there is something positive going on in this city, someone has to bitch about it.


Buffalonians get in their own way


@ApatheticDev First of all, let me be clear that I certainly believe this is better than a parking lot and more density downtown the better.  In fact, I work right across the street and will welcome the new lunch option and my colleagues from out of town will appreciate the hotel.

That being said, much like the cliche that someone always has to bitch or that buffalo gets in its own way, etc., the opposite side of that cliche are people that complain about the complainers.

It is perfectly reasonable to critical of a project, while still generally supporting the project and/or development in general.  I am personally not that thrilled about a hockey "casino" with a huge restaurant that is likely to serve mediocre bar food at best.  But I can still see the positives.

And I also have a skin in this game as I work downtown and live and own a home in the city.


I really hope the food isn't terrible.   I know that is unlikely, but perhaps it can be better than Pearl Street, which is terrible.


I wonder what the owners of Pearl St. think of this restaurant going up?

travelman looks like a basement rec room. 


@travelman a multi million dollar one.



Meaning you'd be right at home -- right?


David Steele

I see that the tower has another new design.


@David SteeleI've seen about 4 different designs for the feature rink, too.


Practically a carbon copy of RealSports up in Toronto. It's going to look real cool once it's completed and it will add a really nice element to the Cobblestone/Arena/Canalside district.

NCAA awarded Frozen Four for a number of years forward, but once this is done and as Canalside continues to build out, I bet you see a Frozen Four here once the bids open back up and maybe even a regional round of the NCAA tourney.

Now to get the Cobblestone surface lots built out.


@BuffaloFenian@costrander08Totally. RS beer prices are a little ridiculous there. This ought to serve as a very nice compliment to Lagerhaus, Cobblestone, Iron Works and even Elements to a lesser degree.


@costrander08 @BuffaloFenian Went to IRON WORKS last week to hear a guitarist ALYN SYMS perform. Great venue. And Alyn Syms is just AWESOME !!


@Bobbyraz49 @costrander08 @BuffaloFenian Yeah, I've enjoyed my visits to Iron Works and would recommend it.  Beers might be on the pricier side but it's a neat place.


@costrander08 I agree, my first thought was: "I've been there before!" I just pray to God that the prices don't match RealSports. Either way, it's about what I expected to see, and I'm pleased.


One more piece of the puzzle to get the All Star game in Buffalo


@JayDBuffalo @LouisTully Yeah I saw that about the combine.  I left something for our buddy OFW on another thread about it.  I don't think there's anything bad about it either, it just wouldn't do much for me.  

A side.  I went to the game last night and the portion over the street seems high enough, didn't seem too awful.  However inside the atrium is a big difference.  What are they going to do with the windows in the atrium that look out four feet to giant blocks of concrete?


@LouisTully@JayDBuffalo I wouldn't fully discount the draw of an All Star game. It's not a Frozen Four or NCAA tourney type draw, but it still brings in a ton of media and attention to the region.

I'd say the biggest fish that this project helps to land will be a Frozen Four, NCAA Regional, World Junior tourney and then associated NHL events.

North Park

@LouisTully @JayDBuffalo Yes, once Canalside is built out we will be much more likely to land these types of events.  Hopefully once Canalside is done the parking lots in the cobblestone district will start to be built out.



Yeah Im sure theyll be doing some remodeling with that once the connection is ready to break through.


@LouisTully @JayDBuffalo Perhaps they will add door in that location. That way you can enter the arena from a cab/limo while under cover.


@Joel AltreKerber

I was there too.  I think Rick Martin tied the game in the 3rd then Gilbert Perreault won the game in overtime if I remember correctly.  Everybody went nuts.  Back then it was just the game, now they have other functions leading up to the event.  



I think it would still be a positive.

All the marketing the NHL does for it would have "Buffalo" in the logo, like they do for every host city.

A lot of people in the hockey world would then also be exposed to Harbor Center.  Could lead to more tournaments/future events.

Theyre also talking about moving the draft combine from Toronto to Buffalo once this is complete.

I cant see a negative for it

Joel AltreKerber

@LouisTully @JayDBuffalo I was 10 years old in January 1978 when I got to go to the last NHL All-Star Game in Buffalo. It IS a one-off, but there is still a cachet that accompanies hosting a yearly event, and stigma if you don't have the ability to land it, IMO.


@JayDBuffalo@LouisTullyI'll be curious to see what the feature rink ends up looking like.  I think it's too bad they aren't putting a full bowl around it.  And from the rendering on page 3 of the brochure from today, I'm really hoping they aren't going to have that senseless overhang like Buff State has.  Gets in the way of play all the time:


@JayDBuffalo Meh.  Yeah, but having the All Star game doesn't mean much.  Brings some attention I guess.  I haven't even watched one in years.  I'd rather attract a deeper round of the NCAA tourney.  That would have a greater impact: bring in more out-of-towners, shine brighter light on the city, etc.


Wow- I will be back to stay at the hotel and check this out for the Sabres home opener. 


This restaurant/bar will be packed when hockey tournaments are being played here . Visiting hockey parents love to drink ! With a hotel and rinks connected to worries of a DWI !


And I hope this places is very family friendly, light, clean and the type of atmosphere that attracts families...good music...

North Park

@elmdog Looks like it will be.  Sportsbar food is usually pretty family friendly.


Hockeytown.  Look to Hockeytown in Detroit by Comerica Park for an example to follow.  This looks too much like a DNC airport restaurant (credit: WCP)


@LouisTully busy day on here ...I better be more inviting than what I see in these pictures..


Yes Louis Tully it does look like a DNC airport lounge or an arena lounge, but I gotta say I was suprised to see you toss that jab after your attack on BR armchair critics opinion of Perks Cafe design. I was sure interrior design was not important to you. I am sure however that the total experience of this place will appeal to the masses. This a big win for fans and visitors and will go along way in making the area more appealing when pitching major events.  


@jonny99 Ha.  Yeah I was wondering when the apparent hypocrisy would be called out.  Still, maybe there's a difference between criticism of a yet-to-be built rendering and criticism of a place that just opened.  Maybe I'm just a hypocrite.


 Place should have some sort of virtual hockey etc........


great but bad name


@elmdog They can always change it in the future. I'm going back and forth on it, myself.

Joel AltreKerber

@elmdog I disagree. We love getting out kicks in the 716!