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Tomorrow marks the first day that restaurateur Mike Andrzejewski will open the doors to his latest foray into the world of Buffalo establishments. Great City Coffee will be the operating business inside the Hotel @ The Lafayette, providing a caffeinated buzz to a space that needed a little bit of an energized boost.

The lobby was designed as a place for people to gather while checking into the hotel, but it was soon clear that visitors to the building were looking for more. “This will now be a place where people can come to hang out, read the paper, relax, use the WiFi and get a cup of coffee,” said Mike. “We’re going to be featuring “illy” coffee, which I’m personally very excited about. I’ve been trying to get that Italian brand to Buffalo for some time now. I talked to McCullagh Coffee and they agreed to work with “illy” as a distributor – a coffee that up until now was not available west of Syracuse (in NYS). You will find “illy” in some of the best restaurants and hotels in NYC, Chicago etc., and it’s the perfect choice for what we’re doing downtown. The lobby of the hotel is already designed as a beautiful café with a full service bar, and soon we’re going to be adding pastries and other things that go great with coffee to the menu (open Mon-Fri for now). Great City Coffee will be a full line coffee shop with espresso, cappuccino, etc.”

A café of this type is needed to create a lively atmosphere for visitors, guests and people who aren’t necessarily looking for the full dining experience but still want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the building offers.

Great City Coffee | 391 Washington St, Lafayette Hotel | Buffalo, New York 14203 | (716) 253-6453


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What a joke of a name. And joke of. Concept. Mike A would never be as successful in another city. He and his wife just do not have the taste to execute concepts well. He should stay to the kitchen. Or spend some time traveling to other cities for a more global perspective. This is shameful and embarrassing.

Cantina loco? TERRIBLE NAME, IMPROPER SPANISH, but his best restaurant, because it doesn't try to be fancy.

Sea bar? Good food, but so so tacky! The colored lights used to change so quickly they were seizure-inducing; the servers have no tact and shamelessly upsell; they also spray down tables next to you while you're still eating, and the cleaner deflects onto your food; they play hard rock; the menu is so terribly designed, and laminated!

At Mike A (also with a tacky/terrible logo), Rocco Termini had to step in and pay for interior upgrades because Mike A wouldn't pay for anything decent. And look how that restaurant is doing..

Tappo - terrible logo, unfinished, sleepy roof top, and bad food.


Glad this is happening. I stayed at the Lafayette in July and August and while i really liked the room I was in, i thought the lobby needed something "life generating". I think this is it.


Very cool, but fyi, "illy" is the Italian version of Starbucks.  It's generally (1) not sourced from the best producers, and (2) roasted months ago.


Not to be a jerk, but Sweetness_7 on Grant serves illy coffee. So, Mike A is not the first in Buffalo to do this. (However, Mike A is awesome, nonetheless - more beautiful restaurants please!)


I don't like the name "Great City Coffee"... it lacks panache for being a part of such a high-class jewel as the Lafayette.  Perhaps something paying homage to the great architect?  Bethune Lounge?  Or something more like Lafayette Parlor? It's a classy place... it deserves a classy name. 


Giancarlo's at the Walker Center has been serving Illy since they opened almost 2 years ago


In a city with a huge deficit of cafes I'm the last one to disparage a new opening - however, Great City Coffee is a terrible name, Illy coffee is way past it's prime and Vitamin Water and Coke on the menu make me want to not go there. 

The concept of this cafe looks like it was put together in an hour on a slow night at Tappo and Mike A is factually wrong - Acropolis on Elmwood has been serving Illy for several years. 

Why not serve Intelligentsia, LAMILL or one of a hundred better coffees than Illy? Why not serve Boylan's soda and San Pellegrino rather than Coke and Vitamin Water?

Take a look at some photos of LAMILL in Baltimore, Dark Horse in Toronto, Chinatown Coffee in DC. Copy them. Talk to Dolci about providing your sweets. 


I've always been a fan of illy -- can't wait to check this place out!


I just bought a can of illy at Wegmans for $12.99.  The grind is as fine as powder.  


Now, if they could just bring up the lights in the lobby a bit so that I could actually read a newspaper, it would be perfect!

And hooray for Lilly -- very good coffee.



Share with us your opinion of what is better and why.


@manoflamancha re: Dolci sweets??? Why not Butterwood, 73 steps away?


@OldFirstWard That's for turkish coffee.


Stumptown and Gimme! are better beans and both are available in Buffalo. The difference is the business model really; ST and G are smaller and can do a lot of single origin beans. Illy does blends, in my experience. And the beans from ST and G are fresher. Gimme! is in Ithaca and ST roasts in NYC. Illy is focused on espresso where freshness and origin are less important.


@lafayette1985 I'm sure they've had one slow night! Although, they were packed the few times I was there. 

We need all the cafes we can get and in spite of my qualms I'm happy to see it opening. I just wish someone would open up my ideal cafe and as an obsessive coffee drinker, Illy isn't a draw. Too pedestrian. 

I like Café @ the Lafayette.


Personal preference. Also, Dolci was too good to close down. They should have partnered up.



What do you mean for Turkish coffee?


@OldFirstWard @Rand503 If you want to make Turkish coffee (or greek coffee if you are in Greece), you need your coffee ground to the finest grind, which is like powder.  

You place a few tablespoons in a special copper pot that is wide at the bottom and narrows at the top.   Add water and sugar.  Bring to the boil, and take off heat, and bring to a boil again, take off heat, and the boil again.  Each time it boils, a foam rises to the top of the pot.

Pour into small handleless cups and enjoy.  it's an intense strong cup, only a few sips really.  Look it up on youtube how to make it.  But that's really the only thing you can make with the powder grind.  It's too fine for the french press, drip or even espresso.