GO Bike Buffalo seeking Play Streets instructors and volunteers

This summer things are going to be a little different around Buffalo. That’s because GO Bike Buffalo is planning on temporarily closing down a few city streets in order to turn them into all-ages playgrounds (learn more). In order to do that, GO Bike Buffalo is looking for additional instructors who are willing and able to help create and monitor healthy activities, so that people can see that there are plenty of ways to enjoy city-living that don’t revolve around the almighty car.

If you are an advocate for an activity that you would like to see brought to life this summer (in the middle of a street), then by all means why not sign up to be a part of the Play Streets movement? Are you a master Hula hooper? Or a skateboard pro? Maybe you’re a superb chalk drawer. GO Bike Buffalo is looking for motivated instructors, performers, athletes, etc. to consider coming out and teaching people the fun benefits of staying healthy. From GO Bike Buffalo:
If you are interested in leading an activity at Buffalo Play Streets please go to GO Bike Buffalo’s website, read the Request For Proposal document and submit a Program Proposal. We need volunteers as well, so if you’re not a professional instructor or aren’t able to host an activity but would still like to participate, email the Play Streets Coordinator: henry@gobikebuffalo.org.

Play Streets is made possible as a result of grant funding from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Partnership for a Healthier America.  BlueCross BlueShield of WNY is the local lead for all five Play Streets. 
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Recumbent bikes were kinda cool back in the 80s but now they're totally hippie bikes. I only ever see aging hippies riding them.


I would assume it is because the city doesn't let us use our streets for free even for non-profits. Unless you know someone on the council and get the fees waived. I've been involved on organizing parades and events at parks; you wouldn't believe the permits and fees involved. I won't go into naming them but it is almost prohibitive to do an event.


This is great, and congratulations to Go Bike and all the partners. It's great to see a reclamation of the streets.

Q: is there a reason why the City could not simply close-off a street near a park once a month? If it is volunteer-driven, why is the funding needed?

I'm not belittling this initiative, just trying to understand why funds were needed to move this initiative forward.

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