Sunday Soup Grant & Potluck #11 PRINTED MATTER

I was reminded about the upcoming Sunday Soup event while reading an interesting article on Buffalo in (see here) in which the author recounts her journey back home from San Francisco. In the article, she relayed that Buffalo is the type of city where anyone can roll up his or her sleeves and get involved with myriad grassroots projects. One of the events that she referred to was the Sunday Soup Night in which local visionaries brainstorm ideas that are submitted for small amounts of funding, while enjoying a communal potluck dinner. 
To see what I’m talking about, take a look at the upcoming event. Details below:
Sunday Soup Grant & Potluck #11 PRINTED MATTER
Sugar City & Buffalo Barn Raisers present:
Sunday Soup- a micro-grant program that brings people together to fund creative ideas.
Sunday February 10th | 4pm – 7pm (presentations begin promptly at 5pm)
Market Arcade Film & Arts Center 639 Main St or Washington St Buffalo, NY
Suggested Donation: $5 with a dish to pass -or- $10 without.
(Please consider bringing your own plate, bowl, cup & utensils)
Sunday Soup is a local potluck event aimed at getting more of our neighbors involved in creating local projects. The concept is pretty simple. Attendees eat delicious food while presenters share theirideas and questions are asked. Then everyone votes for their top 3 favorite projects, points are tallied, and all of the donation money collected at the event will be awarded to the one winning project. This is our 11th Soup event in Buffalo.  So far, our previous Sunday Soup events have raised more than $2,600.  But the overall goal of Sunday Soup is not just to provide financial funding, it is also about bringing different people together to find support and stimulate new projects.

This edition of Sunday Soup has the special theme of PRINTED MATTER.

For this round, Sunday Soup is turning back towards arts & crafts with an installment based around supporting the creation of printed matter- that is, anything printed on paper.  The Buffalo Small Press Fair is coming up in April and we thought this would be a great way to get thinkers and artists ready to declare that PRINTED MEDIA IS NOT DEAD.
Let us rebel against library closings, newspaper downsizings, the proliferation of email listservs, Facebook announcements and so-called “e-readers” by celebrating good old-fashioned physical print media!

Call for Submissions: Have you been thinking of making a book, zine, screen print, pamphlet, poster, sticker, postcard, protest sign, photograph, or any other kind of printed matter? Do you dream of being a DIY publisher, or getting your underground comics out into the world? Maybe even get a spot at the Sugar City table at the Buffalo Small Press Fair? Then apply to get funding to spread your message by pasting the streets, hanging something on a wall or typing up your inspirations in a format that you can share with your neighborhood, your city, or the world! Sunday Soup is specifically designed for people or groups who are not an established not for profit, therefore not eligible for traditional grants. Please send a short email outlining of your idea to and we will follow up with additional information. The deadline is Monday February 4th at 10PM!
-Tom Van Deusen “Rearing Your Tween” 
- Madeleine Cutrona “Urban Biospy” 
- Sugar City (in conjunction with a CEPA/InCubate residency) “Sunday Soup” 
- Dietrich-Olivier Schulze “1,000Tamborines”
- Jordan Dalton “Ecological Disaster Tour” 
- Damian Weber “Moomins Redux” 
- Liz Flyntz “Erotic Economies” 
- Pat Cain “Community Garden”
- Mad Cap Horse- Student Soup winners “Buffalo Environmental Documentary
- Dan Carosa “Drug Party:  Local Cassette Tape Label” 
- Clint Parker “Urban Forest”
- Allison Ewing & Greg Dudley “Terrassic Island”
This project was inspired by Chicago’s Incubate and is dedicated to the memory of Ben Schaafsma.
Sugar City: Buffalo, NY Based DIY art collective.

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