Residents Frustrated at Lack of Response for Vandalism and Trespassing at Episcopal Church Home Property

Residents in the Columbus
Park/Prospect Hill Neighborhood have made repeated attempts to notify officials
that the historic, landmarked Episcopal Church Home is unsecured and being
vandalized. The residents remain frustrated as attempts to have the issue
resolved through housing court, the 311 call center, and a direct appeal to the
owner, Episcopal Church Home Affiliates, have gone unanswered.

Property owners in the
adjacent neighborhood have legitimate concerns for the security and safety of
the seven-acre site in the shadow of the Peace Bridge, including the beautiful Hutchinson
Chapel. The entire property has been slated for demolition in favor of the controversial
expansion of the bridge plaza.

Entirely fed up with the
lack of response, a group of concerned neighbors will be personally securing
the grounds today at 5:00 PM, with hardware and materials purchased by area
residents. Two large gates have had the locks clipped and remain totally open,
allowing for easy access to the site.

Peterjoe Certo, a dedicated
resident, said, “The owners and officials responsible for this property may not
care about or even tacitly approve the slow erosion of this important
neighborhood anchor. So, if they are unwilling to act to secure the property,
we’ll do it for them.”

Once the residents have
secured the gates, the keys to the new locks will be turned over to Judge
Carney in housing court who presided over this issue last year.

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