Pastries and Preservation: Get involved and eat well too.

Pastries & Preservation-Ready Sites returns to Sweetness 7 on Grant on Thursday, January 24. The event, which kicked-off in early 2012, is sponsored by the Facebook Group, Preservation-Ready Sites, and is an extension of the group’s online activities.  Pastries & PRS is a casual, fun way to meet fellow citizens, architects, planners, historians and preservationists who care about the built environment in Western New York.

The format of the monthly meet-up is to begin with a featured speaker. This month’s speaker is Kevin Hayes of ReUse Action. Kevin has been working on a collaborative grassroots list of Preservation-Ready resources for current and future preservation and sustainability efforts to save WNY’s architectural heritage. He will discuss his efforts and provide information on how to use these resources and how Buffalo’s preservation community can be more proactive.

Preservation-Ready Sites is an independent/grassroots media
watchdog group comprised of citizens interested in architectural preservation
and quality new design opportunities in Buffalo, NY. We are NOT another
preservation group-we look to collaborate with the other preservation
organizations in Buffalo, including Preservation Buffalo Niagara, Campaign for
Greater Buffalo, Buffalo Architecture Foundation, Buffalo Young
Preservationists, etc. Our mission is to create a media platform/effort that
raises public awareness about Buffalo buildings at risk, document issues
affecting the status of the buildings, and create calls-to-action to enable the
public to get involved.

Event info:

Pastries & Preservation-Ready Sites

Sweetness 7 on Grant St 

Thursday, January 24 from

8:15 to 9:30 AM

The Facebook group is here.



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Off-shoot . . . just wondering how the initiative for roof tiles for the Central Terminal is going.


I am sure it will be gone soon so you won't need to know where it is


The Nathan Wolfe Building looks familiar but I cannot think of the street...

Old First Ward
Old First Ward

A meet and greet at 8:15 am on a Thursday? That sounds like breakfast. How about scheduling the festivities in the evening when most people are home from work, or school and can possibly attend.

Does it take a masters degree to figure that out?

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