NDstudios: Helping Film Grow in Buffalo

By Suzanne Jaszcz:
The film scene is heating up in Buffalo and as a result more and more production companies are popping up in the city.  NDstudios is one such company that hopes to capitalize on the burgeoning film scene.  Operating as a multi-media production company located at 225 Delaware Avenue (above Spot Coffee) NDstudios was originally founded in 2006 by Matthew Nardone, Mel Ende and Andrew Hurd.  They originally started out of a house in the City of Tonawanda and a year ago they decided to make the move into Buffalo.  
According to President and Founder Matt Nardone “Since NDstudios was founded we always wanted to be downtown.  The area has so much to offer… great food, theatre, art and architecture.  To be in the center of it all helps us to be more connected to the community and hopefully as we grow we can help it grow.”  When asked why he chose to stay in Buffalo and open a business here when others may have moved away in the past, Nardone stated, “There are so many places locally to film and people everywhere willing to help out on a project.  Buffalo is a film-friendly city and every year the film groups grow and more productions spring up.  We are proud to be part of that and will strive to continue to provide support in whatever way we can.” 

NDstudios offers a wide variety of services such as:  website creation, graphic design, films and event videography. Currently they are working on post production for a feature length film called Give & Take and will be beginning production on another film called Through A Mother’s Eyes.  As per Matt, “Our main service is to offer full production through post, crew and equipment to films produced locally in Buffalo.”  They hope to make as many films as they can and “…to grow and offer local filmmakers and crewsb  more opportunities and projects to be a part of.”   It is Matt’s hope in the coming years to elevate NDstudios to the national stage while showing Buffalo as a great place for film making. 
For more information on NDstudios and their services visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/NDstudios or at their website at www.nd-studios.com.

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