Madonna’s brings on the burgers (and the soups)

If you’re looking for a new lunch spot, and you’re a fan of burgers and hand cut French fries, then I’ve got the place for you. Today was the first day that Madonna’s (learn more) started serving lunch. Seeing that the owners also have connections at Café 59 across the street, I was curious as to what the daytime menu might look like. It was co-owner Chris Connolly who told me that they were going to to be going after the burger crowd thanks to procuring a secret weapon. “We’ve got Mike from K. Gallagher’s cooking his burgers in back,” he told me. “Mike has been known for his burgers in Allentown for a long time… since Café 59 doesn’t have a grill or a deep fryer, we wanted to make sure that Madonna’s did. At the same time, we’re also catering towards the soup lovers that we have over at the café [pointing to the creamy tomato and basil soup on the menu – made famous across the street].”

It turns out that Madonna’s scored big at Buffalo Soupfest last week. Not only did they win the best tomato soup, they also came away with the best veggie stew, the best soup in the city and they snagged second place in the Southern Tier beer challenge. “That’s four wins for three entires,” commented Chris. “We’re using the freshest ingredients, prepared from scratch and we have very reasonable prices… and you won’t find a microwave in the back.” 
Madonna’s has a solid craft beer list and an all Italian wine list with, once again, reasonable prices for both. That’s something else that you won’t be able to get across the street. They have also expanded their dinner menu for those who can’t make it for lunch. 
Other lunch item menus of note: Meatball or sausage or eggplant or chicken parmesan subs, mortadella or capicolla or house roasted turkey on Costanzo’s roll (all the fixin’s and Madonna’s special sauce), fried artichoke hearts with caper mayo, linguini with basil pesto, fried and smoked mozzarella, Caesar salad with grilled shrimp, and cheese stuffed banana peppers. 
Open Mon – Fri from 11:30am.
Madonna’s (Facebook)
62 Allen Street  
Buffalo, NY 14202

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And Madonnas just hosted the LGBT Professinals monthly gathering last night. It was cool.


This burger looked really good 12 hours ago. It looks super-duper triple-axel good right now [stomach rumble]!


A bit embarrassed to admit that my Saturday routine revolves around a breakfast sandwich at Cafe 59, and then a sandwich later in the day. This past weekend, the reuben (sp?).... holy crap, that's good.

Good luck with the burgers...I'm sure they'll be worth the stop.

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