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Mixology on Forest Avenue has introduced a completely different and artistic element to its bar. Ever since opening the establishment, owner John McNeill has followed his original mission guideline – to attract a healthy “mix” of people – by keeping things fresh and new, and to keep people guessing “What’s next?” Between the crazy lighting elements, the live music round ups, the horticultural spin and John’s magical flare for preparing drinks that taste like candy bars, Mixology continues to reinvent itself, creating seasonal visual sensations unlike anywhere else in the city.

John’s latest idea is both fun and refreshing. In order to capitalize on an artistic crowd that has been meandering in through the front door, John went out and purchased a bunch of easels and canvases, along with paints and brushes. On any given night, artists from the community can be found at Mixology sipping on a cocktail while creating works of art. “It’s a great way for people to meet each other and discover emerging artists,” John told me. “Last week an amateur artist began to paint something on a canvas, and then retired to the bar. Before long another artist walked over to the work of art and added his own brushstrokes to the work. Before long the two were talking about the work that had taken a number of turns before completion.”
John’s hope is that by offering free paint and canvas, he will attract myriad artists who will all contribute to the energy of the bar and the neighborhood. When he has collected enough works (that he feels are worthy of showcasing), he will sell off the pieces and donate the proceeds to charity. Completed works are rotated throughout the bar, and new works are constantly being created. Last week I witnessed a gentleman who spent the better part of the evening working on a canvas. The painter not only had a good time painting his work of art, he also added to the atmosphere of the bar… artists painting in a bar is not something that you see very often.
If you’re an artist who is looking to get out there and brush up on your public art performances, Mixology has got everything to accommodate you for an evening. Come in and work on a collaboration, or strike out on your own. Grab a corner chair or sit at a booth. Whatever your fancy, John allows you to get your artistic fix… at a bar that appreciates a good mix of people and passions.
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443 Forest Ave, 
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Great Idea! I have been to Mixology few times. Love the band that plays of Fridays. This adds another layer to the existing funky cool vibe. Can't wait to add to a canvas!

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