Artisans’ Hands supports the artisans of the world

After experiencing its first rush of business over the holidays, Artisans’ Hands is in the process of settling into a groove at a location that is considered by many to be the heartbeat of Elmwood Avenue. Shop owners Nana Sorenson and Tim Doolittle are just now beginning to replenish the store after a holiday season that depleted shelf after shelf of merchandise. “It’s the combination of handcrafted items, along with the social entrepreneurial theme,” Tim told me. “Whether it’s the recycled elements that make up some of our products, or the causes that are tied into each purchase, we feel that the shop’s message is clear, and customers are liking what they see.”

Top sellers at Artisans’ Hands over the holiday season ranged from scented candles to locally crafted jewelry. “That’s what makes the shop different from other Ten Thousand Villages locations (learn more),” Nana said. “Not only are we supporting causes such as women’s groups in India, we’re also keeping our own local artists busy by purchasing directly from them. That translates to people looking to support the causes simply by purchasing a gift… plus money also ends up staying here in the community. We heard from so many shoppers that they were on a mission to shop locally and avoid the malls.” 
By purchasing merchandise from artisans, the store is constantly changing because everything is one of a kind. Then there’s the local aspect, the recycled elements, the humanitarian causes, the artistic nature of the goods, and the small business component that delivers a calm, relaxing, colorful and totally unique shopping experience. Artisans’ Hands is all of that and more. The next time that you’re looking to buy a present, consider supporting a business that supports the artisans of the world. 
754 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo NY 14222

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