Students to Unveil Multimedia Poster Presentations Inspired by Non-Profits

Medaille College freshmen will present their Community 101 projects, which are multimedia poster presentations inspired by the history, ecology, technology and urban landscape of the City of Buffalo this Friday.  

More than 350 students will be showcasing the work they did over their first semester to highlight their hands-on collaboration with significant groups in Buffalo, such as Forest Lawn Cemetery, Irish Classical Theatre, The Buffalo Zoo, PUSH Buffalo, Buffalo Central Terminal, Darwin D. Martin House, and Vive, Inc., which assists local refugees.

Community 101 is part of the larger Project EQUIP initiative, which connects Medaille students in learning community groups to their surrounding neighborhoods in Buffalo.

The public event will take place at Medaille’s Kevin I. Sullivan Center, 18 Agassiz Circle on Friday, December 7 at 2 PM.

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Successfully developing multimedia presentations is an important academic and occupational skill for the 21st century learner. These tools aid students in thinking critically about the message they are presenting. Just like powerpoint presentations and similar slide show presentation programs provide an effective approach to both student work and classroom instruction.


At the risk of getting downvoted/deleted, I graduated from Medaille, and it seemed every year the incoming freshmen got progressively worse. I had friends who worked in admissions that often remarked how a lot of the admissions essays were usually poorly written, or at a really low writing level, yet those students still got in. Professors were growing unhappy working there, with those low admissions standards and unprepared students being part of the reason. Just sitting back and watching from the dorms or in the dining hall and seeing how self-centered and shallow these students were for a college setting was just scary to watch.

If Medaille truly wants to be "Buffalo's College", they need to get a new administration and some better admissions protocols. Right now, it just seems to be a dumping ground for local students who couldn't get in anywhere else. A lot of students are very unhappy there.

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