Songs and poetry meant to bring healing, peace, and solace.

On Friday, December 21st, the exquisite vocal talent of Cory James Gallagher and Emily Helenbrook will come together to bring solace, healing, and inspiration to the Buffalo community this holiday season. 
Cory and Emily are two rapidly rising vocal talents in Buffalo. Cory is a tenor, known in the Buffalo area for his soothing voice, and ability to uplift and inspire through music. He focuses on inspirational songs that touch the heart, as well as classical crossover, and opera. Cory offers his gift of singing at local events, weddings, funerals, memorial services, national anthems, and private concerts.
At the young, ripe age of 18, Emily is graced with a voice that is awe-inspiring. She has performed numerous times in the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, and has been referred to as “a vocal prodigy.” She has been coached by opera star Renée Fleming, and has a larger than life musical career ahead of her.
When Emily and Cory come together in song, the result is an incredible synergy that their audiences have described as, “stunning…deeply stirring…golden.”
Cory’s sister local writer Amy Gallagher will also be part of the event, sharing her heartfelt poetry and reflections between the songs. 
The trio will join together this Friday to bring warmth and inspiration to the Buffalo community; an opportunity to connect with the true meaning of the holiday season. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Connecticut, the concert will now be dedicated to all of those affected. The trio had been planning on doing the concert together for some time. When the tragedy hit in Newtown on Friday December 14th, it was clear to Cory that the concert needed to be given to that cause. 
The concert will take place in the warm and soothing glow of candlelight, with each of the candles representing one of the lives lost in this tragedy. A segment of the concert will be reflective of this heart-wrenching event –with songs and poetry meant to bring healing, peace, and solace. A portion of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to the families of the victims.
Cory is also sending 50 of his recently recorded Remembrance CDs to the families who lost loved ones in Connecticut. He and his sister Amy are currently exploring the possibility of bringing their healing music and poetry directly to Newtown, for a Remembrance ceremony, to offer the families a little flicker of light, during this dark time.
Cory states, “Christmas is meant to be a time of brightness and joy. This event has certainly left a heaviness and heartbrokenness in our world community. We don’t want to ignore this. But hope to bring some healing during this time. Singing is my gift that comes from my heart. Music has such a powerful effect, it soothes weary hearts, it brings peace, it sheds light. I am touched to give this gift to the world, and to share this gift on Friday night, with my Buffalo community, and in honor of every single person affected by this tragedy.”
Cory’s sister, local writer Amy Gallagher has written poetry and reflections that will bring solace and hope amidst the tragedy.  She states, “Writing is my gift. Through my writing, I have the ability to get beneath the surface, straight to the heart of the matter. I will be sharing poems that will reflect the meaning of the Christmas season, and bring some greater perspective in the wake of this recent tragedy. The concert will not have a somber feeling, but will reflect the bit of light that cannot be extinguished. Even in the darkest situation, I feel that the presence of goodness is unstoppable.”
The event will take place this Friday December 21st, 7:30pm, at St John’s Grace Church, 51 Colonial Circle, Buffalo. The concert is made available to the public on a donation “love offering” basis. Cory’s music can be heard online at:

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