Safe and Sober Free Ride Home

By GirlFriday:
Once again, the law offices of William Mattar have joined forces with Designated Drivers of Buffalo (DDB) for New Year’s Eve; offering a much appreciated service to those Buffalonians who might wind up indulging a bit too much tonight.  A “Safe and Sober Free Ride Home” is a local program which has been running for the past few years (see here), to much success.  
The best part of this service is what DDB bases its whole model on, which is getting you – and your car – home safe and sound.  DDB will dispatch two professional drivers to come pick you and your friends up, with one driver driving your car, and the other following close behind.  This really couldn’t be easier, simply call (716) 713-7703, about an hour before you expect to be leaving, and make sure that you’re within a 20-mile maximum distance from Buffalo.  There will be drivers available to pick you up between the hours of midnight and 4am.
Due to the success of the program, and because of the partnership with William Mattar offering this service at no cost to you, each call can not be a guaranteed pickup.  They will make every attempt to accommodate all requests, but given the nature of the evening, the firm will of course do the best that they can.  Put the number in your phone now (just in case), because having a Designated Driver in your coat pocket/pocketbook could be the smartest thing you take with you all night.  
Happy New Year!!!

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