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Over the holidays we will be highlighting a number of members of Buffalo Society of Artists (BSA), so that you might support them by purchasing original works of art. Thanks to Paul Rybarczyk at BSA for helping me put these together. Visit the BSA website to learn more about the institution – one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. Next up on our list is artist Robert Schulman:

Robert Schulman is a self-trained, award-winning photographer with a striking sense of composition. Artist statement:
I’ve lived in Buffalo for 39 years, loved the architecture, art, music, neighborhoods and neighbors.  The communities, living spaces and environment are changing. It’s easy to see what’s evolved, for better or worse. I discover the components of my photos in vintage, industrial and modern architecture with close-up details contained therein. I have focused on old structures, capturing the lasting beauty of what soon may be gone.  These images become compositions that resonate melancholy and up-beat moods with a jazz-like harmonious and dissonant essence. I try to capture Buffalo’s industrial and architectural landscape and transforms them into dramatic and poetic abstractions.  


I often comment that “I’ve been doing this art work for 72 months and…32 years.” Since I got my first 35 mm camera, I have felt the “art” of photography. Its emergence came one day six years ago when I stood in my daughter’s art class in a gallery space where a photography show was hung. I committed myself to an effort which has become a creative, rich and rewarding endeavor.
- Robert has exhibited in numerous local galleries including CEPA, Studio Hart, Artsphere, Albright Knox member’s gallery and Art Dialogue.  His work can be found through the Buffalo Society of Artists, Artists in Buffalo, Western New York artists Group, Wild Things and Artsphere Gallery.
His current show ‘landscaped” is running at the Nichols School gallery, open days during school hours, usually until 5pm. It will be there until 1/14/13. “This selection of new and recent work is an experience of “ground level” visuals. They surround us, contact us and enrich the time we’re in a place or passing by.  Who doesn’t want to pull over and get a shot of something cool seen at the side of the road?  I know more is there than meets the eye, so I concentrate on images that have a unique resonance of familiar and the unexpected. These landscapes may be natural, architectural, industrial or a juxtaposition of them all.”  
at The Glenn and Awdry Flickinger Performing Arts Center
1250 Amherst St., Buffalo, NY 14216 
The show is free and open to the public and sponsored by the Colby Art Fund. For more information, call 716-332-5151.
Call 716-882-0247 or email at schulkin@verizon.net
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Love Robert Schulman's photography! He's a great guy, too -- involved in some important community issues.

There's an interesting story behind the photo of the 3 buildings shown above (the exact location of which might make a good "Satuday Stumper") -- be sure to ask him about it if you run into him!

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