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Over the holidays we have been highlighting a number of members of Buffalo Society of Artists (BSA), so that you might support them by purchasing original works of art. Thanks to Paul Rybarczyk at BSA for helping me put these together. Visit the BSA website to learn more about the institution – one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. The second to last artist on our list is Ingrid Luongo:
Ingrid Luongo is an Associate Member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. Associate Members are either members who have not gone past the jury process by BSA board members, or are choosing the alternate route of becoming Exhibiting Members by being juried into–by independent jurors–three BSA shows in a period of five years, or, Associate Members may not even be artists at all, but supporters of the BSA.
“From the day I was born I was been submerged in music. Everyone in my family plays a minimum of one instrument.  My grandfather alone played the trombone, pump organ, accordion, and trumpet. The guitar was the one instrument that was in everyone’s house. Personally, I picked up the guitar and learned to play in my teens, but it soon ended there. For every art there is a passion, and mine, no matter how much I wished, wasn’t playing an instrument. I found my way when I started with painting flowers on the back of my door. Later, I painted vines climbing up my dresser, and then turned my focus to my walls. It was then that canvases would become a constant present each birthday.  
“Eventually, I began experimenting with my style. I wanted to paint something abstract, but couldn’t put my finger on a subject. The passion from the guitar finally hit me and became my main subject, evolving from the abstract towards surrealism.
“I always joke with people that I don’t play guitars, I paint them. I have a greater need to pick up a paint brush than to pick up the guitar. This is my way of showing love for the instrument. I take advantage of the strings to tell a tale on their own. The viewer has to see the vibration, stop and think of the experience instead of feeling it.  And, through the bright colors, deep contrasts, swift blended brush strokes, and quick movements I invite the viewer to feel the music visually, hopefully lifting their spirit. 
The main goal with each painting that I create–whether it is on canvas, a set of coasters, or votive candleholders–is to create a glimmer of happiness in the viewer. Even that brief moment when someone looks at my work and lets out a little ‘aww,’ or just stands admiring, I know I’ve accomplished this goal.”


Ingrid Luongo is a local artist who grew up and lives in Angola.  Her eclectic body of work shows subjects ranging from music, robots, and everything in nature.
Fascinated by artists of the Renaissance and the Impressionists, she went to Buffalo State College for a B.A. in Art History and a minor in Religious Studies.
Her work has been displayed at the Carnegie Art Center, 464 Gallery, Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery and Bella Cappeli, Orchard Park, and donated to different fundraisers and events, such as Cross Bash for the Red Cross, Lots to Tots, Boom Day, and Robot Holiday Live, a benefit for the WNY Food Bank. Currently, she has work in Thin Ice and Half & Half, both on Elmwood Ave; West End Gallery in East Aurora, and the Kazoo Factory Boutique in Eden. Anyone interested can also contact her at Ingrid.Luongo.Art@gmail.com. Or visit her on Facebook.
When she isn’t painting she keeps herself surrounded by artwork by working as the Registrar at the Buffalo Religious Art Center, working lead front desk at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, and working part time at Graycliff Conservancy.
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