Beards of a Feather: A Frex & Bangs Collaboration

From well groomed to bushy and out of control, beards and mustaches have made a comeback in recent years; now, it looks as if they’re here to stay, and faces everywhere are rejoicing in the cozy and fashionable aesthetic.
This series celebrates the essence of facial hair.  The whimsical take on the harmony between beards and mustaches is underscored only by the charming take on their avian nature.  Whether they’re swinging in a beard’s nest or getting clean in a beard bath, these silly staches tell their own story.
Beards and mustaches may be ubiquitous, but each and every one tells a different story.  What saga does yours tell?
On view at Madonna’s, 62 Allen Street corner of Franklin.  8” x 10” prints available and sold in pairs for $60.
Closing reception Friday, December 7th from 7 – 10pm
View them here:
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Pretty much everything I create is on my site. I've been mostly focused on architecture. Ill be participating in the WNYBAC Last Minute Market on the 14th. Ill have a few select prints of my illustrated building series which you can see here:


Nice collection on your site. You have some awesome pictures. Is your entire collection of works on there?

I could just email you my questions. But I don't have facebook or twitter so I gotta make my life public somewhere, right?


That's hilarious! I just got this guy's card at Taza this morning because of his drawing of the Birge mansion and these 'staches are all over the wall there. Looks good, Y'all.

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