The Bubbleman ate my butter lamb at The Ralph with Mayor Brown

Confused? You read that right. There’s more where that came from:
Yous crazy Canadians never tailgate with loganberry horseradish?
I said to the Valu Guy I seen that Canadian Ballet crushed it.
The icy beer and Jim’s luscious chicken finger sub was HUUUUGGGE-AH at the lawn fete.
City Dining Cards has done it again by producing a fresh and exciting, hyperlocal product. Fridge Phrases: Buffalo Edition has hit the shelves of local retailers, and created a firestorm on social media with locals posting different phrase combinations from over 200 words. 

It’s magnetic poetry, but with a Buffalo twist. Speaking a language only Buffalonians, near and far, could appreciate…or understand.

Everyone can join the fridge phrase fun by sharing their own unique and favorite phrases on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hasthtag #FridgePhrases. 


As extra incentive to join the conversation, City Dining Cards is giving away one set of Fridge Phrases daily (now through Friday, November 30) to lucky Fridge Phrases enthusiasts who share their phrases through social media. The perfect gift for anyone with a tie to Buffalo, Fridge Phrases can be purchased online or at local retailers,
including Valu Home Centers.


Dining Cards: Buffalo Edition
decks have also hit the local restaurant scene for its
third year, returning with a new look. This discount deck has 50 $10 discounts
cards for local only restaurants such as Vera Pizzeria, Chef’s and Tabree. Two
wildcards are in each deck, including one large cheese pizza from Delta Sonic. Even
better, five percent of all the proceeds are donated to the
Food Bank of WNY. The perfect gift for
that foodie or hard-to-buy-for person in your life, all while buying local and
helping feed those in need.


With the new look
came a brand new additional deck geared towards bars and the happy hour crowd.
City Dining
Cards: Cocktail Edition
is good for “Buy One, Get One” drinks at bars across the city, Northtowns
and Southtowns. What better way to do a bar crawl than with a stack of BOGO
cards in hand and your friends in tow? Both the Dining and Cocktail decks are a
great way to eat, drink and be merry all across Western New York.


Fridge Phrases,
City Dining Cards, and City Cocktail Cards each retail for $20. Check them all
out at

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Actually, OJ never shot anyone.


"The Valu Guy from Cheektavegas showed me his pink was HUUUUUGGE-AH!"

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