Oxford Square Little Library

I seems as if every week I discover something new about The Foundry. Maybe that’s because the craftspeople who run The Foundry are constantly incorporating new facets into the workings of the DIY machine. Whether it’s woodworking or glass cutting, The Foundry continues to amaze and inspire, by being open to new ideas. The Foundry has become a support group for people who like to build, perform, teach and learn, and it’s artisans like Megan McNally (Rusted Grain) who continually search out new ways to make The Foundry current, both within its walls and out in the community. 

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing on a series of components within the facility, but today I want to point out a very special work of functional art that Megan has built for the Oxford Square Block Club. You may remember that I first covered the parking lot-to-community space at this same corner back in August of 2011 (see here). This is the same lot where Megan has built a wonderful community lending library kiosk in the form of a little house. It’s called the Oxford Square Little Library, and Megan tells me that certain community members have taken to the idea. The kids have especially taken notice, partially due to the whimsical structure that Megan designed and then built. After all, what young boy or girl wouldn’t want to walk to the corner to see what new books have been left behind in this magical ‘give and take’ library? 
^Megan stands in front of a group of children (and parents) who have come to The Foundry to learn to make puppets (see here)
Next spring Megan will be incorporating a living green roof on top of the Oxford Square Little Library. Already there is a rubber bladder protecting the house, just waiting to be planted. Once that takes place, the miniature book shop will also be considered a learning lab of sorts, in order to demonstrate (on a small scale) the importance of green building and living. Per usual, the wood used in building the project is all reclaimed, making the library even more earth friendly. 
This is just one small example of what The Foundry members are doing for our community. 
Next up: What do you do with all of your neat old bottles that you can’t get around to throwing in the recycle bin.
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