Order up! Puppy pizza to go…

You might say that “dog people” are a breed of their own. I am a dog owner, and while I don’t go off the deep end when it comes to buying outrageous things for my pooch, there are certain temptations that I come across that seem irresistible, such as Puppy Pizza at Animal Outfitters. Not only is Puppy Pizza made to look like a real pizza, it can also be ordered and delivered to your door, just like a real pizza. The only difference is that this pizza is made will all of the fixins’ that a dog would appreciate, mind and body. The pizza is available in three different styles: pepperoni puppy, bacon puppy, and cheese puppy. 
When ordering your Puppy Pizza, you might want to consider stopping by Animal Outfitters and picking up a six pack of Doggie Brew so that your pal has something to wash down a slice of pie. Ask your dog what flavor he or she prefers: Wet Snout Stout (beef), Doggie Lager (chicken), or Waggley Tail Pale Ale for “vegan” dogs. Call the shop for details.
What we won’t do for our pets these days. Puppy pizzas and Doggie brews… dog owners love to cater to their four-legged friends, and thanks to Animal Outfitters there are some special treats that go beyond the call of duty.
On Saturday, November 24th from 9-5pm, Pet Portraits with Santa will be setting up shop at Animal Outfitters. Come get Fido’s photo taken with Ol’ Saint Nick!
Animal Outfitters
986 Elmwood Avenue 
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 884-2420

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Cats to organize boycott of business.

Protest at 5pm at 900 block of Elmwood.


Seriously, I hate you.


With articles like these lately, Buffalo Rising has really GONE TO THE DOGS!! Hrrmph hrrmph hrrmph

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