Kevin Delgado aka Frigid Giant

By Ann Marie Trietley:
Outside of Caffe Aroma on an eerily-warm October afternoon, Kevin Delgado (aka Frigid Giant) is fresh off the cuffs of a job interview in a sky blue dress shirt, sipping on a coffee, hoping for his second wind. The sun is shining down on Delgado’s furrowed brow, as he contemplates the upcoming unveiling of his latest EP. Delgado, who has been a player in Buffalo’s rap game since he released his first album two years ago, is now on his third, “The River Tam EP.” This album brings together producers from across different states, and a collaboration with fellow Buffalo-based artist Scantron, to form an inspired compilation.
“The inspiration is a fictional character from the television show ‘Firefly’ and a movie called ‘Serenity’,” Delgado says. “River Tam is basically a science experiment; she’s a psychic. She knows the secrets of the universe and kicks everybody’s ass. Also, the idea of duality and balance, good and bad, yin and yang [were inspirations]. That’s why the first video for the EP “When It Rains” was in black and white.”
Delgado has been working on his videos with Brandon Peszko, his friend and cinematographer, and their most recent collaboration for “When It Rains” featured an homage to the Notorious BIG.  The beats came from various producers, and the EP was recorded and engineered by Simmantics.
“It’s an original take with a lot of experimenting. ” Delgado said.


“When it Rains” was produced by D DASH EZ of Buffalo, who has worked with French Montana; “Glass Houses” was done by longtime friend and contemporary Moemaw Naedon, of the Fortified PhonetX crew of Pittsburgh; “The Means,” a political song, was done by Latebloomer of New Jersey; “The Trigger” featuring Scantron was produced by Buffalo’s own WZA; “Orion’s Belt” was produced by Doze of Sioux Falls; and the producer for “Of Babylon” was The Furface from Cleveland, and brings a fresh, West Coast beat to the record.
“It was definitely interesting to get to collaborate with so many different people,” Delgado said.
The album will be available for free download on Tuesday, Nov. 13. It will be available at
“Staying focused is basically knowing that every year I’m going to do more and more and more,” Delgado said, sipping his coffee. “I have big plans and hopefully I can achieve them.”
As he stares into the blue sky full of cumulonimbus clouds, he continues, “I cant say no to hip hop; it’s in my blood.”
Frigid is planning a Midwest tour for Spring 2013, and if the financial aspects are in order, a European tour will ensue next May. He is also planning on another album, which will make for three albums completed in 2012 – very prolific, indeed.
Delgado would also like to hone his skills as a producer, and plan a Fortified PhonetX album release party for December 1.
Check out Frigid Giant’s other albums: “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and “The Man Who Sold the World,” and also; Twitter @frigidgiant;

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