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Now here’s an inventive idea – born in Buffalo, NY. The gadget is called Camera Clipper, and it is basically a portable “tripod” that clips onto just about anything. The device is fun, practical, inventive, and its inventor, Gerard Gooch, is proud to be building the product right here in Buffalo. It talked to Gerard about Camera Clipper (website) and how he came around to thinking up the idea, and the process of getting it into the market. 
If you’re like me, we come up with inventive ideas all of the time. Unfortunately not many of us actually go the distance and launch a product. “Like many inventors, I invented out of necessity,” Gerard told me. “I had a need and the available products in the marketplace just didn’t satisfy my need. At the time, I had recently moved back to the area, my grandmother was 99 years young, so I was spending a lot of time with my family and I was super-passionate about capturing memories in photos and videos. I was turning into the family photographer, but holding the camera meant that I was MIA from most of our family photos. My first prototype was a game-changer and allowed me to capture some of my most cherished photos and videos, including my grandmothers 100th birthday. As I continued to refine the prototype, I also did a ton of research and realized there was a significant market opportunity. The entrepreneur in me took over.” 
BRO: Once you had the idea, what came next? 

GG: I had a decent amount of experience building startup companies and developing technology products, so I decided to commercialize it. Plus, I always wanted to create a physical product.
BRO: Where did you get funding?

GG: Mostly self-funded, family and friends helped, and we all contributed a lot of sweat equity. Fortunately, we have local suppliers that believed in our business from day one. They have been very flexible with us.
BRO: How are you marketing it? 
GG: We’re just getting our marketing efforts under way.
BRO: How long did it take to create? 
GG: It took about 2 years from conception to having products for sale. Lots of evenings and weekends.
BRO: When did it launch? 
GG: Well, we planned on launching January 2013, but we are in a fortunate position to be ahead of schedule, so we’re launching Camera Clipper now to see if we can capitalize on the holidays.
BRO: How is it selling? 
GG: I hope that when you ask me the same question in January, I can say “phenomenally well” ;-) So far, we have only promoted it in a few of our social networks and we’re starting to see orders trickling in.
OK Buffalo, here’s your chance to help promote and purchase a locally made, locally invented holiday present for your friends and family. 
I know a couple of people that I will be buying this gadget for. Here’s the order page.
If you have an invention that is made here in Buffalo NY, consider sending me an email so that we can share with our readers.

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Good idea, good product. Glad it has Buffalo roots. The website presents the product well.

Any thought on distribution through all those places that sell add-ons for smart phones? Seems like it would sell in those mall kiosk type places.

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