Bark Park @ Black Rock Canal Park

There’s a new dog park opening in Black Rock at Black Rock Canal Park (BRCP). Along with a number of other exciting amenities, Bark Park will help to draw residents and their dogs to the waterfront. The park is expected to open sometime in December of 2012. Coming up on Saturday November 17 is a fundraiser* for the project (see below). I reached out to Margaret Szczepaniec who has been spearheading the initiative for quite some time, in order to learn more about the project (see background). This is what she had to say:
Currently there is a large sign being constructed at the entrance on Niagara Street making the park easy to find. When you pull into the park there is a large parking area, to the left there is a foot bridge which crosses over CSO #055; that area is where the Bark Park is. The north side of the CSO is the parking lot and on the south side is the Bark Park.
The Bark Park is for large and small dogs, substrate has been put down, a double gate system (to prevent dogs from getting loose when someone else is coming or going) will be installed and there will be a shelter for both sides.  The shelter will be placed in early spring as it is getting late in the construction season. No plans for water yet and there are plans for trees.
In the spring there will be a K-9 memorial with the names of the region’s wonderful K-9 service animals that served or were lost in the line of duty. In the rendering, upper right hand section you will see a patch of grass surrounded by concrete, that is where the memorial will be.
We have to allow for the bike path, and to allow enough room on the water side for event tents, picnicking, etc. We are trying to create a waterfront recreational park that will attract a diversified group of users.
This year has been a tremendous year for Black Rock Canal Park. We have done more in the past 10 months than we did the prior 4 years. CE Mark Poloncarz made a commitment to improve the county park and he is honoring that commitment. Commissioner Maria Whyte and her staff have been very hands on, and there has been great foresight in the planning. 
At BRCP there is an Erie County pilot program for solar powered trash receptacles. If they work out they will be in all county parks. LED lighting, stone benches, beautiful stone boulders (instead of ugly guard rails) are some of the things in the “new way of thinking”.
*The fundraiser coming up this Saturday is needed for the insurance money for the Bark Park; without insurance we can’t open. We also need volunteers. As always both are in great demand.
Lead image: Start of construction, which was October 2012. Rendering of the BP from consultant, Nussbaumer & Clarke Inc.

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