World Vegetarian Day

For anyone who is not aware, as I was not aware until moments ago, today is World Vegetarian Day. Which means that unless you woke up and cooked some bacon, you can still participate in the non-meat eating rituals. Of course if you packed a lunch with meat in it, you are also out of luck. For those people who have still not decided what to do for lunch or dinner, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re going out for meals or staying at home… if you’re at the office that could be a bit tougher depending on where you work. 

Recently I’ve been finding that Ethiopian cuisine is a good choice for vegetarian fare – there are at least three restaurants in the city to choose from – Mike’s American and Ethiopian Cuisine on Bailey, Gatur’s on Allen (photo), and Lucy’s on Amherst Street. If you’re not looking to be that adventurous, you might want to head to Merge on Delaware or Betty’s on Virginia. There are plenty of juice joints around that serve up great vegetarian food including Ashker’s on Elmwood and Code Blu on Allen. If you’re in North Buffalo I highly recommend Shish Kabab Express – be sure to ask for the homemade Iraqi bread with the hummus. For those of you in the University District, Amy’s Place has been serving amazing vegetarian cuisine longer than just about anyone else – the lentilberry sandwich is just about the most delicious meal ever (I normally cheat and get a couple of eggs – prepared over easy – on top, and then splash hot sauce on top of that).
Those are my go-tos right off the top of my head. Where are you heading these days to get great vegetarian fare?
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