‘anatomy’ of a downtown move

It was back in May when we first heard that ‘anatomy’ was moving from Elmwood to the Hotel Lafayette (see here). Since that time clothing designer Ali Eagen has been busy transforming one of the most architecturally significant spaces in the city into a design showroom that would bring tears to any bride’s eyes (and possibly a few grooms). To say that Anatomy’s showroom is breathtaking would be an understatement. One walk up the stairs, to the lofted work space is enough to make anyone’s face light up with wonderment. After all, the second floor is high enough where you can actually raise your hand and touch the architectural detail of the building. 
Now decked out with colorful, all natural dresses, the combination of old and new is the perfect decor mix. “I’m very excited and optimistic about moving downtown into the hotel,” said Ali. “Not only is the hotel beautifully restored, it just feels cool to be down here! I moved into the hotel because made-to-measure pieces were demanding too much of my time to maintain the shop on Elmwood, so I’m sure Buffalo will be seeing many more garments made by anatomy. Because of the gap in the market for truly unique and sensible wedding dresses and the clear demand for them, I’ve moved into the Hotel Lafayette hoping to cater more to those women; however, I still have my made-to-measure collection of separates and cocktail wear to cater to any occasion. The flip side to special occasion wear within the anatomy made-to-measure collection is establishing your perfect fit for any silhouette. A sloper is created just for you to create jackets, skirts, or dresses that can be subtly updated from cottons to silks!”
Ali’s plan is to accommodate an entire bridal party, from flower girl to bride, by offering custom dresses with choices of all natural materials, colors and styles. “You don’t have to be in a wedding to shop here,” Ali reminded me. “Many of our dresses can be worn for other occasions. When it comes to custom, we’re here to come up with whatever the customer has in mind. And when it comes to bridesmaids, we create dresses that can be worn after the wedding. It’s senseless to purchase a dress and then only wear it once. Plus, you are guaranteed to have something that looks and fits great. At anatomy, the fabrication is as important as the cut and the silhouette… my designs are trendy, cute and wearable. We also offer accessories such as broaches, shoe clips, belts and vintage jewelry.”
Ali has raised the bar when it comes to shopping for fun and fashionable dress wear. To think that there is a lobby right next door, with an art deco bar next to that… places to grab a bite to eat, flowers to take home, sweets to pick up, home accessories to browse… all under one roof? Not a bad set up, especially when planning for that big day.
Ali Eagen
391 Washington St., Ste. 6
Hotel at the Lafayette 
Buffalo NY, 14203 

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