Adult Playgrounds: It’s Play Time

If you’re thinking that this is going to be a post about the Canadian ballet, you’re wrong. Instead this proposal is one that would bring adults together in an outdoor environment with the intention of getting healthy.

NYC is in the process of rolling out its first adult playgrounds. The concept is so simple that I can’t believe that it hasn’t surfaced all across America. In Buffalo we’ve seen small versions of the adult playground come to fruition, but nothing as significant as what they are talking about in NYC. Seeing that so many Americans are out of shape and overweight, the adult playground idea brings a fun and easy way to work out to a neighborhood close to home. Being outside is also an added benefit. I can picture one of these playgrounds at the Erie Basin Marina, or at Larkinville. This concept couple also go hand in hand with the Art Farms proposal by David Lage’. 

With so much attention devoted to children’s playgrounds, the adults appear to have been overlooked. According to the The New York Times (lead photo), playground manufacturers are moving in the adult direction and are coming up with equipment such as elliptical trainers and rowing machines that are fun and easy to use, you don’t need a gym membership, and you can go as often or as little as you want. Install a bunch of bike racks and you’ve created a green and healthy destination on an abandoned City lot. Sounds similar to the Grassroots Gardens model, but you would need much fewer. As for the cost, the adult playgrounds are a lot less expensive than children’s playgrounds, and with so many organizations and companies trying to figure out how to promote living a healthy lifestyle, you would think that there would be some funding out there. 
While I like the idea of traditional forms of exercise equipment, it would be great to see some even further advanced concepts implemented. 
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