Buffalo: A waterfront transforms

Over the weekend I’m going to be posting some visuals of our waterfront that will make you think twice and look twice. Starting with Mutual Riverfront Park (see more) – a park that will soon be open to the public – we are seeing a transformation along the Buffalo River that is absolutely captivating. With shady areas to sit, riverfront vistas, attractive wayfinding, sensitive connectivity, thoughtful landscaping, boulders, walkways, paths and trails… this is one park that has transformed almost overnight into a place where rest and recreation is a way of life.

Summers in Buffalo will never be the same. Did you know that this park is within a short walk from Canalside? It’s also accessible by boat and bike. Plus, you will be able to launch canoes and kayaks… and even store them there when you’re not using them. There’s going to be concessions, outdoor music and theater, walks and talks, parties and festivals… all within view of the industrial grain elevators that act as a breathtaking backdrop to Mutual Riverfront Park. Just take a look…
*The project is being funded 100% by the New York Power Authority, and landscape architect is Dean Gowen (through Hatch Associates). The project manager is Larry Zamojski. 

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