Buffalo CashMob Heads to Thin Ice

Buffalo CashMob has a simple goal: to get as many people as possible to “flash mob” a local small business and spend $10-20 each. There is no discount, no coupon, freebie. 

It’s the anti-Groupon, really. 
Chris Smith came up with the idea and, after launching in Buffalo, the idea spread to other cities and has received attention from the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and other major media outlets. 
Today, the Buffalo CashMob will descend on Thin Ice, a small retail store on Elmwood. Thin Ice sells locally hand-crafted, one of a kind gift items. Everything at the store is hand made in America. The store carries jewelry, pottery and kaleidoscopes, handblown glass vases and bowls, scarves, bags, jewelry boxes and more. They also have hand-turned wooden bowls made from trees felled during the October storm. 
Thin Ice is located at 719 Elmwood (at the corner of Breckenridge) and the CashMob is encouraging people to stop in between 5 and 7 pm today. 
A lot of people talk about supporting local businesses, but this is an opportunity to actually do something. So stop by Thin Ice today between 5 and 7 and spend some money. 

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