A Holy Consecration? Celebrate 464 Gallery’s Third Birthday with Trinity!

By Amanda McLaughlin:
464 Gallery invites you to celebrate the Trinity with them!  And while this isn’t, perhaps, a consecration of the Holy and the Blessed–although this, too, might be up for debate–it is most certainly a celebration, because on Friday, February 10th, 464 Gallery turns three!  The event, which is free and open to the public, is 464’s third annual birthday party, and boasts complimentary beverages and snacks, along with a cookie tray from the gallery’s newest neighbor, Delish!  For the particularly ravenous, Lloyd’s Taco Trucks will be on site from 8:00pm.  
Since its opening on February 13th, 2009, 464 Gallery has hosted over 160 art events–with 50 held in the past year alone!–raging from group or solo exhibitions and student shows to book/media release events, fundraisers, and parties.  With the recent addition of the Studio 464 upstairs, the gallery is now home to resident artists, in a further example of its commitment to developing local talent and fostering the Buffalo artistic community.

Beyond fantastic
food and groovy beats–local DJ duo Spooky Business, comprised of Sean T.
Heidinger and Stephen Peroni, will perform–Trinity
will also feature a mass exhibition of the talent featured at the gallery over
the past three years.  Local artists
featured include Max Collins, Marissa Lehner, Chris Main, Frederick Mount, Matt
Nagowski, Ogre, Tara Sasiadek, Chuck Tingley, and Jessica Widmer.  In addition, the evening will also highlight
work from the gallery’s artists in residence, Marissa Lehner, Sally Rebl, Tara
Sasidaek, and Max Collins; Lehner’s, Rebl’s, and Sasiadek’s work will be housed
upstairs in Studio 464, while Collins’ work will be revealed during the evening’s
opening of his attached garage studio.  In
addition to housing the artist’s pieces, the garage studio also provides a
space for Collins to perform live art.

Still more, the Trinity marks the third annual reprising
of 464’s “What’s In Your Heart” Valentine’s Day art installation, a opportunity
for all guests to get in touch with their creative and romantic sides.  Guests will have the option of cutting their
own paper hearts, or, if they’re slightly less coordinated, choosing from a
variety of pre-cut hearts, on which they will be able to write who and what
they love.  The hearts will be hung in
464’s window during the Valentine’s season. 
This year, 464 is proud to announce that they will be accepting
donations for the paper hearts, with funds going to “Emerging Leaders in the
Arts Buffalo,” an organization that provides much needed services for Buffalo’s
emerging artist community.  In the same
spirit of encouraging the growth of young artists, and in yet another addition
to a jam-packed evening, Trinity will
celebrate the unveiling of 464 Gallery’s newly overhauled website, as well as
brand new version of the gallery’s online counterpart MINDWEB, a website
designed to help local artists show and sell their work, as well as find out
about local artistic opportunities at 464 Gallery and any other local art
galleries that wish to participate.

Trinity promises to be a memorable evening:  a welcome celebration of Buffalo’s talent,
and a gracious commemoration of the gallery’s past with a nod to its bright
future.  As Marcus L. Wise, gallery
owner, articulates:  “Last years 2nd
birthday party, Nirvana, drew over
450 guests to share in the love, and I look forward to again saying thank you
to our continually growing group of artists, family, and friends with a fun,
free event that continues to celebrate the awesome dynamism of our emerging
arts community.”

Trinity will take place at 464 Gallery on February 10th,
2012 from 6PM-11PM.   464 Gallery is
located at 464 Amherst Street in Buffalo, and information on the gallery or
event can be found by calling 716.983.2112, or through the website: www.464gallery.com.  Further information on MINDWEB or “Emerging
Leaders in the Arts Buffalo” can be found at their respective websites, www.MINDWEB.us and www.ELABuffalo.com.

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