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echo Art Fair 2012 Launches “Call for Artists” | Buffalo Rising

echo Art Fair 2012 Launches “Call for Artists”

The organizers of echo Art Fair are pleased to announce the 2nd annual echo Art Fair. The Fair, which has been extended to a two day event, July 7 and 8, 2012, will take place at The Larkin Center of Commerce.
echo Art fair is a juried fine art exposition connecting experienced collectors and first-time buyers with established and emerging local, regional and international artists in a centralized, creative environment. 
echo Art Fair provides a platform for independent artists and galleries to present their work to a jury of contemporary art experts, and for galleries and artists to showcase, and sell, their work in one location. echo Art Fair also seeks to highlight the vitality of the fine art community working throughout Buffalo and the region.
Artists and galleries are now welcome to submit their work, the details for which can be found here.
Last year’s echo Art Fair drew over 3,000 people. Forty artists and galleries were selected, from an international pool of applicants, to display their art for exhibition and sale.
echo Art Fair organizers have also assembled an impressive jury lineup for 2012. Participating in the selection process of determining what artists and galleries will be presented at thisyear’s fair are Charles Clough, artist; Sean Donaher, Executive Director/Curator, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo; Sandra Firmin, Curator, UB Art Galleries, Buffalo; Grant Holcomb, Director, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester; Kate Koperski, Director, Castellani Art Museum, Niagara Falls; and Heather Pesanti, Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo.
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Get to it. Be the crazy you want to see in the world. Start sculpting.


Wouldnt it be nice if there was one talented artist in Buffalo who decided to sculpt the beautiful and musical greek nymph ECHO for the annual show


Great! echo will continue to move Buffalo forward as an arts destination.

What about the dance party?

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