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Ice Ball to Ring in 2012 and Celebrate Statler Work | Buffalo Rising

Ice Ball to Ring in 2012 and Celebrate Statler Work

The Ice Ball promises to be one of the year’s signature events.  It will also allow thousands to see the work that Mark Croce has completed since buying the shuttered landmark just nine months ago.  New Year’s Eve revelers will have access to nine different venues in the Statler that will feature five different bands, two DJs, a five hour long buffet by Buffalo Chophouse and five hours of premium open bar starting at 9 PM.  Over 3,000 guests are expected.

For months, work crews have been focusing on the Statler’s public areas and banquet rooms to allow weddings, meetings and other events to return to the building.  Rendevous nightclub made its debut on the lower last month. 

The work continues.  The wooden floor in the Golden Ballroom was refinished this week and next week the Lobby Bar will be completed.  All will be open for the Ice Ball on New Year’s Eve.

The Ice Ball lineup includes:
• The Golden Ballroom featuring the Jim Tudini Orchestra
• The Terrace Room with Jeremy Hoyle and The Strictly Hip on-stage
• Nick Battistella – Sinatra and More – in the Lobby Bar
• Rendezvous Nightclub- DJs
• Brother 2 Brother in the Georgian Ballroom
• Frank Gerard Quartet in the Oriental Room.

General Admission tickets are $150 per person.  Free parking provided for ticket holders at the Turner Ramp next to City Hall.  Tickets may be purchased at the Statler City box office Monday through Saturday from Noon until 6 PM.  Tickets may also be purchased through Ticketmaster

Additional Ice Ball information here.

lobbykoipond.jpgPhoto by Mark Baker

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Have they named the koi yet?


I would love to go to the ice ball but I just can't afford to spend $300 between myself and girlfriend this year. Perhaps next year they could offer a $75 ticket that doesn't include food? At any rate it looks like fun and the progress sounds great, can't wait to be able to get inside and check it out at some point.


Very nice.

Just be aware that this is an addition, not a replacement, to Buffalo's already exciting New Years Line-up. Yes folks, we ARE a special city in observing that single, precious moment!! This city observes a single moment every year that many others simply pass by or tick off with some unseen clock.

The Ball Drop in Roosevelt Square, no matter the weather, has become one of the iconic experiences of city life in Buffalo. It's kinda nice that the pre-and-post festivities now have a lusher side than just the chaos of Chippewa.

One of my favorite experiences of the New Year ball drop is knowing that the hug I get from one side may be from a person of 1/4 my salary. The hug I get from the other side may be 30x what I make. It just is what it is and we're all there enjoying it together

Rich, poor, black, white, city, suburb, old, young... Buffalo always puts on a great show for New Years. This will be a welcome addition.

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