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Many Small Ships | Buffalo Rising

Many Small Ships

If you’re attending a Sabres game this season, and you find yourself walking around the Cobblestone District, you might just happen upon this 30′x60′ mural that went up over the weekend. Although not quite finished (when this photo was taken on Saturday), the image will ultimately be that of the original Michigan Avenue lift bridge* – yes, the same one that was destroyed by an errant freighter as it veered off course. The bridge was never replaced unfortunately and that’s partially why it’s so hard to get the Outer Harbor (see more). 

Artist Carley Jean Parrish painted the image on canvas as part of a mixed medium art installation. Along with the canvas (printed on woven nylon mesh fabric), there is also aspects of relief metal and sculptural elements, giving the surface a multi-dimensional appearance. The mural, entitled Many Small Ships, graces the backside of John McKendry’s Hi-Temp Fabrication building – the same building that recently acted as host to this Sarah Myers exhibit. Look for the work of art at the back parking lot of 79 Perry Street, situated on Illinois Street across from the First Niagara Center.
*River Fest Park has an informational plaque with photo dedicated to the bridge, and will in the future boast an entranceway that pays homage to the lost structure.
^The original photo can be found at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

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Urban Commitment
Urban Commitment

I am a big advocate of wall murals as an interesting, cost effective way to enhance the urban landscape. Philadelphia is a leader in the use of this art form, with fantastic results.

Let's start a dialogue on appropriate city locations, especially downtown, for a wall mural. For starters, I believe the western facade of the Root Building on Chippewa is begging for such artistic treatment.

Any takers?


But, but, its an archway for tall ships! Did General Mills have an influence on the artist?

Timothy Domst
Timothy Domst

You found that and overlooked "there is also aspects of relief metal and sculptural elements", were you just trying to go easy?


That bridge had some definite character. I'm hoping some of it gets reinterpreted into the new bridge being planned for the inner harbor crossing. (a literal recreation wouldn't work quite so well, but the profile would be nice to see in a modern version)



don't mean to be a grammar nazi but it's an art installation, not instillation.

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