Sign of the Times

The former Gallagher Printing building at 2497 Delaware Avenue near Tacoma Avenue is a pile of rubble.  Western New York Immediate Care demolished the charming building to construct a 7,400 sq.ft. urgent care facility.  One positive from the demo is the uncovering of a Buffalo Trust Company sign painted on the Frank’s Sunny Italy building next door. 

2497-2.jpgThe hand-painted sign appears to be from the late 20’s or mid 30’s.  There is no more Cusack Co. or Buffalo Trust Company.  The sign has been covered by the old printing building for about 75 years.  It is unknown if the new urgent care facility will again entomb the sign. 

2497 Delaware Holdings, LLC/Western New York Immediate Care is owned by Exigence North America, LLC.  The company currently operates three urgent care centers in WNY.  Board certified physicians provide acute illness and injury care for patients not wanting to visit a hospital emergency room and whose primary care doctors are unavailable.

Photos by RoBear
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