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Regarding artificial sweeteners, none are good for your health. As it pertains to the slow carb diet, though, Tim has noted in himself and others that no more than 16 ounces of artificially sweetened beverage is the limit. After that, weight loss is likely to stall. Weight Gain Capsules Social anxiety can also take root in some older societies, particularly in Europe, when urban legends about secret organizations generally have more credence with the masses. The European continent is traditionally home to a variety of secret societies, which have goals ranging from world domination to controlling the global marketplace. In some respects, social anxiety sets in when people who are mentally and socially unstable in the first place hear the stories and begin to construct elaborate and implausible stories to back up the legends. The end result is that one ends up with a person that, essentially, believes that group is out to get them. The only real variation tends to be what the group is, though the Illuminati, the Camarilla, the Knights Templar, the Vatican, the New World Order, and Satanic cults are among the more typical.

Meal #1: Chicken

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New Bills Uniforms Leaked | Buffalo Rising

New Bills Uniforms Leaked

Buffalo sports franchises loves to roll out new uniforms. And fans love to argue about whether the ‘new’ ones are better than the ‘old’ ones. And the Buffalo Bills announced in February that they’d be spinning the uniform carousel yet again this year and releasing new uniforms that “incorporate the team’s storied history while keeping the team’s signature charging Buffalo logo.”  

The new uniforms were supposed to be released at a fan appreciation event later this year but it appears the new jerseys have leaked thanks to a promotion video for the Madden 2012 video game. Of course, previous versions of the alleged Bills new uniform design have leaked before but ESPN’s Tim Graham confirms that these jerseys are the new Bills uniforms for the upcoming 2012 season.  The Madden promo video, which was posted on the EA Sports website, is no longer available on their site and the video has been pulled from Youtube. The hasty removal of the images proves, of course, that the uniforms are legit. 
As Graham points out, the new uniforms are reminiscent of the Joe Ferguson era Bills which were worn by the team from 1975-1983.  The images are pixelated because they were pulled from the video but still provide a good sense of how the new uniforms will look.  
So, let the debate begin – love ‘em or hate ‘em? 

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