“A Watched Pot Never Boils”: Awaiting Your Arrival, a New Exhibit by Ella Joseph, at Indigo Art

By Amanda McLaughlin:

After a successful closing of its last exhibition Winter–which showcased 25 local artists and a wide array of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, fibers, mixed media, and printmaking–Indigo Art is pleased to announce its newest exhibit, Awaiting Your Arrival, which features new work by artist Ella Joseph.  Ella describes the exhibit as “a state that begins in a moment but spans a life time…filled with anxiety, time passing, and the fading of dreams,” and asserts that her works depict “the reality of the present with the imaginary, which, like past and future, exists only in my mind.”  At the beginning of the new year, what a relevant exhibition–a time to reflect on the intersection of time, space, and memory, real and imagined.

Awaiting Your Arrival opens February 4th, from 6PM-9PM, in conjunction with the gallery’s First Fridays.  Indigo Art is open 12PM-5PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 2PM-7PM Thursday and Friday, 12PM-3PM Saturday, or by appointment.  The gallery is located at 74 Allen Street in Buffalo, and can be reached at 716.984.9572. 

More information on Indigo Art can be found at its Facebook page, and an example of Ella Joseph’s work can be found at this link

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