Halloween Hits The Central Terminal

By Deanna DiGiulio | Photos: Carlos Finlay

Walking through the cold stone Buffalo Central Train Terminal has a haunted feeling of mystery and past memories… as you walk through the massive deserted dusty venue, filled with smoky air, there are ghosts and goblins lurking around every corner. Welcome to the Central Terminal’s annual Halloween party.

The party-fundraiser, held this past Saturday, was an enormous success filled with live music, cocktails, a scary fun house and even tarot card readers. The scene was transfixing, but it was the costumes that turned the event from fun to spectacular, as the room gradually filled with over-the-top characters including an Avatar on stilts, a man in an electric chair and super heroes just about everywhere you looked. There were costumes that lit up and moved that must have taken their creators hours upon hours to design and build. The transformer (lead image) stole the show and wound up posing for pictures all night long – he was a real chick magnet!

This event was both wonderful and creative…an evening where everyone enjoyed watching the different characters come to life, and even the old building came back to life once more. There’s something about Halloween – the one night you can secretly be anything or anyone, satisfying your alter ego and getting away with it. For many, this was the first time they had ever been inside The Terminal, and to be there with hundreds of others letting loose must have been an unforgettable experience.


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