Video: Nickel City Chef IX

Nickel City Chef takes place in one of the city’s best kept secrets–a fully restored turn-of-the-
century warehouse on Buffalo’s West Side, the home of Artisan Kitchens & Baths.
Completely outfitted with two competition-worthy kitchens, this unique setting is the ideal
location for this exciting hyper-local cooking competition.

At each event, a Nickel City Chef and his or her challenger (each representing a locally-owned
independent business) must complete three dishes in under an hour with each dish showcasing a secret ingredient. The chefs employ classic and modern techniques in order to demonstrate their skills and personal cooking philosophy. All of Nickel City Chef’s secret ingredients always come from right here in Western New York.

On April 25th, Nickel City Chef Adam Goetz of Sample took on Challenger Chef Steven Gedra of the recently reinvented Bistro Europa. With Baldwin Hills’ maple syrup and maple vinegar as secret ingredients, it’s no wonder the judges had a difficult time picking a winner. Both chefs delivered a mouth-watering series of dishes.

Tickets are still available for the last three shows. On May 16th, an audience of nearly 200 will watch undefeated Nickel City Chef JJ Richert compete against Dino DeBell of the highly-anticipated and soon-to-open Blue Monk, and on June 6th, Chef Jim Guarino of Shango will challenge Nickel City Chef Paul Jenkins of Tempo.

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Christa Glennie Seychew
Christa Glennie Seychew

That belly was all kinds of crispy, Brian. And yes, pressure cookers are used in house. Steve won based on a larger point tally in the category for use of the secret ingredient. You can see dish by dish play-by-plays and point tallies here:


I watched the video but couldn't tell who won.

The first pork belly dish didn't look crispy, but I didn't taste it either.

So they can bring braised meats or did they break out the pressure cookers?

Foie PBandJ, that's fn awesome.

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