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State of the County Community Meeting Tonight | Buffalo Rising

State of the County Community Meeting Tonight

Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant is sponsoring a community-based panel discussion this evening at the Merriweather Library, to talk about County-level issues and initiatives that are impacting the community.

The presenters and presentations will include:

-The Erie County Holding Centerthe Erie County Prisoners’ Rights Coalition

-Daycare subsidies – 6th District Legislator Maria Whyte

-Downsizing of the Erie County Legislature – Board of Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward

-The Jessie Nash & Dr. Matt Gajewski Health Clinics – Megan Connolly of the Partnership for the Public Good

-Reduced funding for inner-city cultural organizations – Erie County Legislature’s Community Enrichment Committee

-Update on Erie County Medical Center‘s projects – Erie County Medical Center CEO, Jody Lomeo


Legislator Grant told me that this is one in a series of community meetings she holds from time to time to update folks on community issues that affect them.  She felt that since the County Executive‘s recent State of the County address was held during the day, downtown, a lot of folks in the community would benefit from having a forum in the evening, closer to home, talking about issues likely to be especially important to them.  She also wanted to provide a setting where people could get more information, so at the end of the presentations there will be a Q & A session open to all.

Legislator Grant told me that she has invited all elected officials at the County and City levels to the forum.  


Frank E. Merriweather Library

1324 Jefferson Avenue

Buffalo, NY  14208

Tuesday, March 30, 5:30 to 7:30 PM


For further information, please contact Legislator Betty Jean Grant at 894-0914, or Grant@Erie.gov


Image credit: David Torke’s Fix Buffalo Today blog

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One of the most poorly designed civic buildings I've ever seen.

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