Olmsted Rally Reminder

Jim Charlier, President of Gardenwalk Buffalo, in addition to posting copiously about the Olmsted Parks on his blog, Art of Gardening, would like to remind Olmsted supporters to get to tomorrow’s rally in MLK Park.

Charlier says, “As the
president of Garden Walk Buffalo, the largest garden tour in the country, I am
more than aware of the value of our Olmsted Parks as a tourist attraction and
what they add to our quality of life here in the city. Having the right
stewards in place to keep, improve and restore one of the City’s most valuable
assets for its citizens, and future generations is imperative.”

What you can do:

the Rally for the Parks, Sunday, Dec. 13, Noon. 
Show your support for Buffalo’s Olmsted
Parks. Bring family & friends to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park at Fillmore
and Best in Buffalo. Meet by the MLK Jr., Monument.

Sign the
Olmsted petition!

Call the
Mayor’s office
voice your concern. Call 311, or 716.851.4841.

Email the

at bbrown@ch.ci.buffalo.ny.us. Copy and paste parts of Charlier’s blog or
the letter found here.

letters to the media

endorsing the Conservancy’s work and sharing park memories.

Image: Don Zinteck Photographics 2.

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