Compost Workshop Planned

A free hands-on training workshop on organic “green” composting will be held on Saturday, December 19 from 9:00 to 11:30 AM at the Wilson Street Farm, Wilson Street between Broadway and Sycamore Street.  If you do not already compost your household waste, come and learn some strategies to start.  If you are already composting, come to share your skills and learn some new ones.

Composting means the controlled decomposition (decay) of organic material such as yard trimmings, kitchen scraps, and wood shavings. Compost helps the soil absorb and retain nutrients and moisture, and protects plants from diseases and pests. Better moisture retention means less watering, allowing you to conserve water and reduce runoff pollution. It mitigates the production of greenhouse gas and diverts waste from landfills.

Participants will be making as many piles of compost as possible for the Wilson Street Farm, its East-Side neighbors and friends. Many hands means fast work.  This event includes a hot vegetarian breakfast.

-work gloves
-boots that can get muddy (if the ground isn’t frozen)
-as many compostables as you can bring
-foodscraps (veggies only- no meats or cheeses)
-New York Times (printed with soy-based ink)
-grass clippings/leaf mulches
-shredded cardboard (unbleached, non-glossy)
-if you’re unsure, bring it
-shovels and tools if you prefer to use your own

The event is a collaborative effort between the Wilson Street Farm, Community Action Organization of Erie County, Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo, and Curtiss Urban Farm Foundation.

RSVP with Paula Rosner
Urban Assisted Agriculture Director
Community Action Organization
716.881.5150 x4768

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It's cool (no pun intended) that they're running this in December! Okay, maybe the pun was intended. [cringe] I hope I can make it over there for this-- I still haven't checked out how their farm is coming along.


Both typos seem to be the result of being one key away from the intended letters on the keyboard: mpy should be "not", and str would be "are".


Typos? 2nd sentence: "If you do mpy already compost your household waste". What is "mpy"?

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