New Zubaz-Inspired Shirts in Buffalo Rising Store

Celebrate Buffalo, the company behind the insanely popular I Love Buffalo shirts, has introduced a new line of shirts inspired by the all-too-popular Zubaz.  Zubaz, as every Buffalonian knows, is the company that created the animal print style pants and shirts that sports fans wore obsessively during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll still spot the occassional ‘fan’ wearing them around the streets of Buffalo.

Instead of wearing Zubaz pants that make you look like a less tasteful MC Hammer, show your Buffalo style by wearing one of the new Celebrate Buffalo designs which come in Sabres and Bills colors.  These shirts come in women’s and men’s sizes and are flying off the shelves at local retailers.  Get yours in time for the next game so you don’t end up looking like this guy.



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What's really scary is that the Zubaz guys are actually back in business here in Minnesota!

It's the same guys, just with a stripped-down operation.

If anyone back home in Buffalo wants to take up a collection, I could be persuaded to wield my mighty influence here in Minneapolis to make sure that none of their product ever reaches the Queen City...


these are great

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