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@11 on Minnesota in the University District | Buffalo Rising

@11 on Minnesota in the University District

Quincey Morris opened @Eleven on Minnesota Avenue, just off of Main Street, this past August, and business is going very well.  This is a mainly a take-out restaurant, with limited window seating, but @Eleven features a sit-down style menu unlike most other grab-and-go places.  In addition, whether you’re waiting for an order or eating at the window bar, @Eleven provides free wi-fi.

Quincey and General Manager Monique Cunningham shared the fact that they hope to breaking through the back wall soon to accommodate a dining room.  In the meanwhile, you can expect things you’d never expect to see on a menu with wings, subs and tacos.  How about fresh crab legs and scallops, for starters?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for earnest.jpg

The reason behind the fancy fare is Chef Earnest Johnson, formerly of the Fountain Blue Lounge on Kensington and several other notable Buffalo eateries.  Small venue though this may be, Earnest has brought a loyal following with him.  Earnest treated me to a taste of his wings with the special sauce he makes.  
As he talked, and I wrote, he admonished me with, “Get ‘em down while they’re hot!”  Good call Earnest; the honey-mustard sauce was sweet and tangy, and the jerk sauce had an initial spiciness with a flavorful after-burn.  I love that.
While I talked to Quincey, Earnest came out with some chicken alfredo. Sure enough, to illustrate Quincey’s point about the sit-down quality of the food, this was big restaurant stuff.  
The alfredo sauce was there, but played a supporting role to the tasty breaded and sliced chicken.  Same with the wings; they were drizzled with sauce, not swimming in it.  Perfect ratios.  
Earnest is no fast food jockey, he’s a chef, along with Chef Phil Balden who was schooled at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, and @Eleven’s food reflects that experience and training.
Quincey (above) was born and raised in Buffalo, and he went to Bennett High School, just a block away from the restaurant he now runs, before graduating from Cleveland Hill.  After that, it was off to school in Atlanta, Georgia.  One thing Quincey brings back from college is a drink he calls the ATL, which is popular at @Eleven.  It’s a sweet concoction that is reminiscent of loganberry snow cones…and it’s screaming for vodka.  ”How did you know?” Earnest asks.  ”That’s how we drank it in college,” he says. It just figured.  
An event planner, Quincey seems to have pulled this spot next to the old Mickey Rats together in no time.  His organizational skills and a feel for pulling together the right elements – location, staff, product – are evident in this small, happy place with far better than average take-out.
minn and main corner.jpg
“We’ll bring some life to this corner,” Quincey says.  ”The University District is great, the police are aware and attentive.” He points to the median outside his window, saying, “We’ll keep that up, too.  It’s good to be here.  It’s good to bring city-style food to this corner.”  And then there are those plans to move that wall for a dining room.  If @Eleven is Quincey’s test market for a greater endeavor, I’d say the event planner turned restaurant owner is planning just right.
11 Minnesota Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214
New Hours are Mon – Sat: 11 to 11

About the author  ⁄ Dan Fisher


If you have some time today, stop in to @11. They are having a Haitian Relief fundraiser. Partial proceeds from food purchased this evening goes to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc's international's Hatian relief effort.


This place is fantastic! I order out here almost once a week or at least every other week. Great food at a very reasonable price, probably the best take out available in North Buffalo / University Heights (District). I highly recommend everything on their Specials menu, especially the Spaghetti and Fish, Chicken Pepper and Rice, and Cajun Shrimp. Their sandwiches and subs are awesome too.

This place is worth the few minutes out of your way, just order ahead and it will be ready when you say you want it to be ready. Best of luck to the chefs and all involved, I am a very loyal and happy customer, keep up the good work.


The food looks and sounds great. And, though I haven't driven by yet, based on Google maps, they've made a nice improvement to the look of the corner, too. I'll be sure to stop in...




probably the address


Wow it's great to have a new business in the Heights that isn't a bar. I look forward to stopping by sometime.


way back when this was Sang-wedge, or whatever it was, they blew a great opportunity because they were NEVER open when they said they would be. "We closed early because it was slow"...bro, it was slow because the bar crownd is still at the bar, wait a couple hours and they'll be a herd of drunk a-holes looking for greasy eats. drove us nutts back then (pre Jim's S-out)....having said that, good luck! looks great!


I'm interested in knowing how he chose the name. Is it the address number, the time it opens/closes for business, Morris decided at age 11 to be a restaurateur?


Sounds delicious. Put a few vegetarian options on the menu and we'll be there!


Looks great---this is the kind of places that the city needs---quality food and fresh ingredients. Can't wait to try it out!

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