Does Your Office Have Vision?

Photography, when executed properly, can create emotion or aggrandize its subject.   

The CEPA Gallery on Main Street contains an incredible collection of photography from local, national, and international artists.  They offer great exhibits at their headquarters, but you can also find more examples of their collection at various Buffalo businesses.

That’s right – for example, in the Cobblestone District lobby of 95 Perry, owner Sam Savarino has several pieces of Pat Bazelon’s famous architectural photography collection, purchased directly from CEPA.   The works depict Cobblestone landmarks, both present and past, so they’re especially meaningful in Savarino’s lobby.

The Gold Dome Bank and the LCo building also feature CEPA work.

Below are pieces Sam Savarino purchased from CEPA’s Pat Bazelon collection:





As you can see from the images above, there’s something powerful about the architectural history the Bazelon Collection has captured.  It exemplifies the photography opportunities one can find in the old industrial district. 

World famous for her creations, CEPA drew inspiration from Bazelon’s portfolio when they created their Visions of Greater Buffalo project, which has made more of this genre of architectural prints available to the public. 

In the Visions project, CEPA Executive Director Lawrence Brose says, “We thought, let’s celebrate the region.  That’s what this is about.”  Through that celebration, CEPA created their largest fundraiser by offering prints from Buffalo VIPs (very interesting persons), ranging from local business owners to politicians and athletes like Ryan Miller, Justin Azzarella and Carl Montante. Visions culminates in an auction each April, and CEPA currently has over 300 archived images for sale, some of which will be on display at the Larkin Exchange building during the fall. 

Savarino is very proud of his collection and thinks every Buffalo office should have a print (or several) that mirrors the district they’re in, but there’s nothing to stop anyone from buying these one-of-a-kind Buffalo artworks.  Anyone can enjoy this uniquely Buffalo art.  As they say at CEPA, “Does your office have vision?”

(Cover photo: exterior 95 Perry Street)

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One of the selling point of my apartment was that it came with some very cool historic images of Buffalo on the walls. It let me know that the landlord was serious and cared about both the city and therefore his property. A year later I would say the impression is correct.

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