Call to Non-Profits: Do You Need a Truck Now and Then?

Buffalo CarShare Interim Executive Director Creighton Randall is excited that
CarShare reached a milestone recently, when the innovative upstart company
passed the 100-member mark and settled into a steady base of use.

every good idea seems to spawn others, and such is the case here.  CarShare is looking to help non-profit
entities by placing one or more trucks into their fleet of little blue cars, thus
providing dedicated access to non-profits that could benefit from this service.
They’ll also be looking at funding models that would allow CarShare to
significantly reduce costs for these non-profit organizations.

So, if
your organization is in need of a truck (or trucks), join CarShare for an
exploratory meeting in early October at their office. Possible dates are
listed here; please fill out the form with your availability. Also, email to indicate your organization’s


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Perfect! I was just wondering if carshare had any trucks. Now I know, cool.


I wish we did. We will certainly utilize the service should the need present it. I utilized Zip Car in DC which worked well, a little more critical mass there. But I hopes this works, good luck!

Shoestring Budget
Shoestring Budget

Great idea! There are lots of organizations who need to transport things that can't be exposed to the elements. Any thought of adding a van to the fleet?

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