Patrick Kane–What?

No doubt that by now, most of you have heard the allegations directed at NHL star and Buffalo native Pat Kane and his cousin.  Sounds like a PR disaster, falling on the heels of a new Buffalo hockey rink dedication only a day or two prior, wherein Kane established himself as what appeared to be the classy, mature-for-his-age leader we had seen taking his team on an impressive playoff run. 

At the moment, Kane has been charged with second-degree robbery, fourth degree criminal mischief, and theft of services.  Kane has pleaded not guilty.  Yikes.  Pretty rough stuff for a guy Buffalo unofficially appointed as prodigal son.  You have to be pretty important when your hometown hockey team throws you your own “Welcome Home” ceremony before a regular season game the way the Sabres did prior to the December 2007 game.


It all seems weird to me.  Their fare was $13.80, and they handed the guy $15.  Obviously, change would be $1.20.  But the cabbie didnt have the $.20.  And then THIS happens?  What’s really going on here?  Is it really a case of “Don’t you know who I am?” like the cab driver claims?  I really hope not.  There’s not a whole lot of things a celebrity can say that make my blood boil quite like “Don’t you know who I AM?”  It just seems like $.20 is a strange amount of money to get fired up about for a guy scheduled to make $875,000 this year.

That’s why I’m confused.  I like Pat Kane.  He plays hard and makes his teammates better.  But assaulting a cab driver over $.20?  Am I missing something?  Obviously we won’t know the entire story until later on, and even then, we probably won’t know the whole truth.  What do you think?

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