Obama Can You Hear Us? Listening Tour Comes to Buffalo

The Organizing for America (OFA) NY Statewide Listening Tour, a
project of the Democratic National Committee, is coming to Buffalo this
August 16th for the purpose of gathering ideas on how OFA should organize
in communities to support President Obama’s priorities.  Committed to
building on and strengthening the historic grassroots network created during
the Obama campaign and helping to advance the President’s agenda, the tour is
part of a series of tours taking place in states across the country.

Attendees, including supporters and volunteers from the general
election, will be invited to voice their goals and concerns. The group will
also discuss the best way to provide Americans with the tools to make their
voices heard in Washington and help bring about the long-term change voters
asked for in November.

New Yorkers can visit here to find a listening tour stop in
their area.  The tour will hold its first stop in the Bronx and Brooklyn
and will stop in Manhattan, Rochester, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Albany, Binghamton,
Ithaca, Jackson Heights, Long Island, Plattsburg, Rockland County, Saratoga
Springs, Staten Island, Syracuse, Utica, Watertown and Westchester.

“We’re here with one goal in mind – to listen,” said
Melissa DeRosa, OFA State Director for New York. “The historic dedication and
commitment of our supporters is what brought us victory in November and is what
will help us advance President Obama’s bold vision for the country over the
coming years. They, more than anyone else, know what approaches will work best
in their community and we’re eager to hear from them.”

OFA is committed to building on and strengthening the historic
grassroots network created during the campaign and helping advance the
President’s policy agenda. Volunteers and supporters are continuing to have
conversations and educate their neighbors and members of their community about
the President’s plan to reform health insurance.  In recent weeks, OFA
held Health Care Kick-Off events in New York and in thousands of communities
across the country. On June 27th, OFA supporters and volunteers
participated in a National Health Care Day of Service. OFA recently held a
Health Care Week of Action with events across New York and the country.

Thursday, August 13th

6 PM

Citizen for Action Buffalo HQ

739 Main Street 



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Yes, of course. The standard definition of "propaganda" is "whenever your opponents' lips move."


Clinton, Bush, Obama... They are all the same, just puppets of their respective political parties. Obama is no better than George Bush, and in 2 years when the political parties spring into action again, the republicans will be demonizing a select few of his actions, just like the democrats did for Bush.

I laugh at the blind allegiance to the machine's propaganda that people like John Marko regurgitate at will. It is absolutely comical.


I misspoke above. Unrestricted oversight would mean lots of oversight. Oversight was absent.


^^that's hogwash. You must be another tool who believes things that Rush invents. Bush was in office when these people were getting these mortgages, far more so than Clinton. The bubble of values hit in Bush years, not in Clinton years. The bubble, gqcarrick, was caused by Wall Street's financial 'wizardry'.

Wall Street invented the financial instruments which bundled these very high risk, very low collateral mortgages into bonds which those very same traders then incomprehensibly rated as AAA. Matter of fact, many of the foreclosures weren't owner-occupants, but flippers. Neither Clinton nor Bush had anything to do directly with the fraudulent ratings of those bonds. That was strictly Wall Street, the vaunted Marketplace in action.

Make that the unregulated marketplace. Bush gutted the SEC as much as he was able. He lowered its funding from the get go. His administration was particularly anti-regulatory in its philosophy regarding most industries, none more than Wall Street. When the cat's away, the mice will play. Look what unrestricted oversight brings us.


Last time I checked it was actually Clinton who screwed the country more with his allowing unqualified people get those outrageous adjustable rate home loans. No one wants to see that though, I don't like Bush but Clinton was just as much of a screw up.


^ We'll be asking the same question about Obama in 2016 probably...

Besides, what benefit came from Hillary's "listening tours". That term should be banished to the outdated and overused word bin.


Yeah, everyone wants change within minutes when it took eight years of Bush to screw things up and 28 years of Griffen/Masiello to pay off their supporters.

For Cris'''' Sake, get a life and give change a chance.


I don't think he wants to hear what most of the country has to say about him and his policies.

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