Guy Fieri Dives into Lake Effect Diner

Guy Fieri from The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives stopped by at Lake Effect Diner this morning.  Since interviewing Tucker Curtin a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been a regular at the diner.  This morning, the parking lot was packed and roped off. Parked in front was a beautiful red Camero. I was surprised to see Fieri’s signature blond hair through the door. I thought, “My morning just got interesting.” Inside, Fieri entertained kids with magic tricks, joked around with the diners, and posed for pictures with fans.  

Guy 3.jpg
After we sat down and ordered our food, Fieri stopped in front of us to prep some tea.  I took the opportunity to do a little probing. Fieri looked tired, but told me that he’s been reading a lot about Buffalo.  Even though he said he was “running on empty” Fieri was still really nice and patient with all the fans and the diners.  Fieri wouldn’t tell me where he was going next, but he did try to change the subject by joking around with us. 
I spoke briefly to Fieri about the local farm movement that the owner, Tucker Curtin was a part of.  Fieri had been aware of that, and he was also very adamant about using local farms.  “We have to bring local farms to the table!” His producers grabbed him for an interview with Curtin, and quickly after that, he pulled away in his Camero. 
First Anthony Bourdain, now Guy Fieri.  Buffalo is finally in the spotlight for something else other than wings! 

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