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BECHS: Visit, Learn, Lead Your Own Tours | Buffalo Rising

BECHS: Visit, Learn, Lead Your Own Tours

The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society is truly a gem. 
Built in 1901, the entire Doric style building is faced with Vermont style
marble.  During the Pan American Exposition, which introduced the world to
large-scale electric lighting, the structure acted as the New York Pavilion–
one of the only buildings not constructed of temporary staff (plaster and

Architect George Cary had been the first Buffalonian to study at
the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, “School of Fine Arts,” whose origin dates back to
1648.  The beautiful south portico, which overlooks the North Bay of
Delaware Park Lake, is a scaled down version of the east front of the
Parthenon, the temple on the Acropolis in Athens.  This amazing
superstructure’s physical make-up is comprised of fossil-infused limestone
floors, Fluting columns and Triglyph detail. The Historical Society is
a National Historic Landmark and it recognized throughout the United States as
a significant place in history.  The
Museum’s beautiful construction and collection houses over 100,000
material artifacts, 20,000 books, 200,000 photographs, 2,000 manuscript
collections, prints and broadsides et cetera.   

Tara Lyons, Museum Educator, recently led an awesome tour which
honestly could have lasted 8 hours.  Her passion and energy for the HS
were both evident & quite contagious There is so much to learn, between the
amazing history of the building itself and the interesting temporary and
permanent exhibits that are housed inside. 

This Saturday, August 8th,  from 9AM to 1PM, the HS is offering a monthly docent training
session based on their new exhibit “Buffalo Bills, 50th Season”. 
This is a preview of the temporary exhibit, which opens August 9th,
that focuses on the history of the team and its impact on our community. 

If you are interested in leading tours of this exhibit, please
call the number below for more information.   See Buffalo Bills memorabilia and leave yourself some time to
peruse the wonderful Native American Gallery, Buffalo Made! Exhibit, Pioneer
Gallery and so much more.  Here is a chance to visit an outstanding piece
of history that contains some truly unique articles that synergistically
narrate the story of Buffalo’s genesis. BECHS offers this as one more way to
become acquainted with the city you live in!


Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society – 25 Nottingham Court
- 716.873.9644 ext. 311

Image: Dr. V. Roger Lalli watercolor.

About the author  ⁄ WCPerspective

Buffalo and development junkie currently exiled in California.


'... and leave yourself some time to peruse the wonderful Native American Gallery... Pioneer Gallery....'

You're kidding, right?

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